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  1. If i have spark does that rule out a bad CDI? Any easy way to check is it's a bad stator?
  2. Will 2005 E plastic fit on an 04 S? I am pretty sure the front fender is the same, but is the rear the same? Different bolt pattern for the S subframe?
  3. I owned an XR400 for about 2 years. I never felt like i got better on that bike. I even gave up riding for a while because i thought i would eventually hurt myself riding that bike. I bought a 04 S DRZ about six months ago and i don't exactly know why, but i am better, faster, more confident riding the DRZ then i ever hoped to be on the Honda. I've done FCR, 3x3, yosh full exhaust to my bike. The suzuki is far more powerful feeling to me. I am 40 years old and don't do moto or real hairy trails, but i feel like i want to go ride now, rather than avoid it when my buds would call. Now i call them. I think it's because of the DRZ but.........
  4. Here's the link http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=TT%5FGFX%5FDRZ400BL
  5. Has anyone tried these graphics? Will they work with a larger aftermarket tank?
  6. I checked with Sudco regarding the seat for the needle. It appears that there are different sizes for that. Do i have to pull the seat to find out which one is right or is there a size that was in most of the carbs as stock? I ask because i want to drive to Sudco tomorrow but can't pull the carb until this weekend. I'm eager to get at least this one problem resolved.
  7. Yep. Thanks Burned, I'll give it a go this weekend. Do you think the stumble may have something to do with this problem? Would a boyeson cover help at all?
  8. Screws out or just pulls out?
  9. Yeah we took the screw out, but it almost looks like the seat is pressed in. It fits flush with the hole that it is in although it looks like it has six sides like a normal bolt within that hole. Is a special tool required?
  10. We tried to take the seat out but it fits flush in a hole. Any special trick to getting it out?
  11. It's a 1999 Yzf400 carb. The seat is the plunger thing that hangs on the float? That looked good with no wear that i could see. The needle just drops into the hole under the hex bolt with no washer or o-ring?
  12. I put in my FCR and finally got around to test riding it. It runs pretty strong but has a couple of issues that i'm stuck with. 1. On the stand, if you snap the throttle, the bike will stumble heavily and die. It will not do this if you are riding above 2-3 MPH. 2. The float level seems off. The plunger looks good but i have gas coming out the float bowl drain tube when i shut the bike off. I have to turn the fuel petcocks off or it will drain the whole tank on the garage floor. I did the Taffy mod and it really didn't make any difference in the stumble. The squirt duration seems between 1 and 1 1/2 seconds Here are my current settings: 160 Main Jet JD blue needle clip 3rd from top 38 Pilot jet 82 Starter Jet 200 Main Air Jet 75 Pilot Air Jet Fuel Screw 2 turns out 3x3 Yosh RS3 SS exhaust Coast Enrichener off Taffy Mod
  13. It's a 1999 YZ 400 carb. It has the external AP. Does that make it easier to do the Taffy mod if necessary?
  14. OK, if i'm gonna change the pilot, i guess i should check the AP duration while i have it open. How do i do that? how much throttle do i give? And if it's too long, how do i adjust it? I couldn't see a leak jet the last time i had it open.
  15. Pilot air jet that it came with. Will the 38 make that big of a difference?