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  1. nope i just never realised when i registered that i selected washington. i live in northern ireland
  2. couple there from desertmartin track northern ireland http://www.mxni.co.uk/2006/0610/experts/medium/0011.jpg http://www.mxni.co.uk/2006/0610/experts/medium/0043.jpg and couple otheres ballykelly tandragee northern ireland http://www.mxni.co.uk/2006/0805/experts/medium/0020.jpg http://www.mxni.co.uk/2006/0805/experts/medium/0033.jpg http://www.mxni.co.uk/2006/0708/experts/medium/0058.jpg http://p4.piczo.com/img/i119394793_37939_4.jpg
  3. ktm250sxf

    My New Ride...

    nice ride iv got an 06 to very nice bike. i dont know what all the fuss about the 07 is because all you complainers obviously havnt seen one in the flesh, iv been on one and can tell you they are a very good bike and the ergonomics feels more liek a japanese bike just with the new tank and seat. they are still the best looking stock bike no mater what you doubters say.
  4. ktm250sxf

    250 SXF issues

    iv an 06 just did maintenance as asked in manual and now did 10 hours breaking in 35 hours racing and no porblems with anything other than leakin petrol cap(fixed now good elastic band in round it) engine wise they are bulletproof,well so far, that why ktm brought them out very late to make sure everything was to perfection. from around the paddock at racing nobody yet has had any problems where as you hear about the honda guys complaining of havin to reshim n adjust valves reguraly. clutches jus depend on your riding style how often your using it etc but i had a sx 125 for 2 years and never changed the clutch and it was used more than the sxf so they should be fine also. good luck with th 07 if you go ahead wish i had the funds im just gona wait now until 08s. the bikes are monsters just get the suspension set up and nice positioned bars and your there, engine is already more than enough
  5. ktm250sxf

    2006 KTM 250SXF Questions?

    yea sorry forgot to mention i have used the motorex fully synthetic oil now for a year and as i mentioned no troubles. i would advise you to stick with this oil as motorex is what ktm use when designing the bikes and test it with so should do the best job.
  6. ktm250sxf

    2006 KTM 250SXF Questions?

    fill the new oil filter, only has one, with oil and the chamber its in about half then once old oil is drained top it up with 1.1 litres. i jus clean oil screen with cloth and rinse, left 2 dry put back in, ones located in front of gear lever other is in middle under engine! make sure and do this right and often mines done every 2hour riding and now has reached 50 hour mark with no problems at all, good solid engine, all the best with it
  7. ktm250sxf

    2007 sxf 250

    heres a test carried out on all the new ktm 2007 range http://www.tmxnews.co.uk/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=229&ArticleID=1623183
  8. ktm250sxf

    07' KTM's Joke?

    i have an 06 sxf 250 and im very pleased with it. its my first 4 stroke and has on did around 40 hours with no valves or any internals needing adjusted or replaced, still goin strong and its raced every week so they are reliable and iv been on other 250f's and i can say that its the fastest also, but i will admit it took pro-action and a lot of time to get the suspension correct for me, maybe this was just because i was used to the japenese handling, yh the 07 does look weird but it is also trick and who cares motocross isnt a fashion contest if its doin faster laps than a full tricked up looking kxf yzf crf etc well im gona be happy because at the end of the day its gona get raced, looking dirty but if its out in front your gona be happy
  9. ktm250sxf

    FINALLY 2007 KTM 2550SX-F pic

    is the 2007s models all not come with electric starts, just i notice kick start on that?