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  1. Would a locking King Quad 450 diff. match up to a Eiger?
  2. ram41569

    2003 KLX400S pricing

    What do you guy's think I can get for my 2003 KLX400S with the FCR carb. upgrade,Hot Cams(in. and ex.),E base gasket and a manual chain tensior?I almost forgot the mods were done at 1000 miles and it now has 1500 miles on the odometer. I forgot to mention the FMF powerbomb pipe and FMF silencer also. Also with the stock pipe,carb. and cams.
  3. Nuts cut and ready to ride!
  4. ram41569

    FCR mx carb. possible float to high?

    It's not that much but now that I'm reading and thinking it is a little more after a hot and hard ride.I guess this could be a normal amount.
  5. I upgraded to the FCR MX kit on my S model and the bike runs great except when it shut down and parked the carb. overflow tube leaks a small amount of gas.I upgraded to a E petcock and I shut it off when parked.Could this be a flost level adjusted to high?
  6. ram41569

    Copper spray on head and base gasket?

    The spray is cheap insurance that you won't have a problem with the head gasket!
  7. ram41569


    It's worth every penny!
  8. ram41569

    FCR carb bogging

    Just stay with the stock air/fuel screw.Just use a screwdriver bit with the correct size open end wrench.Ounce you adjust the screw you should'nt have to change the settings.
  9. ram41569

    The Best Green Plastic?

    You can get the stock OEM that fits a KLX400,same bike different color.
  10. ram41569

    Stock cams vs Stage 2 cams..

    Hotcams doesn't sell stage 2 cams anymore.The combined stage 1 with the stage 2.
  11. ram41569

    Fathers Day

    What a Faterh's day.I'd like to take my bike for a ride but it's in my gargage with fresh concrete in front and I can't get it to the road.So now I have to plant the summer flowers around the yard till I go to my parents house.But I did get a cool remote control TV holder from my kids.
  12. ram41569

    Help spending $$

    Your better off getting the FCR carb. kit from the TT store and get a cheaper SS exhaust.The Ti is a nicer exhaust but your going to spend all your money on an exhaust with little power gain.
  13. ram41569

    Best price for 2007 DRZ400S ?

    Look around for a used(new)bike.I bought a 2003 KLX400S in 2005 with 400 miles on it for $3500.You can save yourself a few thousands over new with low milage if you look around.
  14. ram41569

    Props to the TT Store

    There service is great but I thought it was odd that they don't sned an invoice in the shipping box of the items that you ordered.
  15. ram41569

    ??AMR Monster Coil??

    Sounds like something to wait for from Eddie.I'm sure he'll offer info. on the best curve setups on different types of mods.