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  1. I don't know capitol forest but would like to get together with some people and ride there some time. I'm a decent rider who's been trail riding for most of my life.
  2. I replaced my mid '80's XR250 with a 2003 250 exc 4 stroke and have been very happy. I ride mostly woods trails.
  3. I, too, just stand most of the time. I sit in some corners but stand through most and when I'm on long straights I stand up. I seem to be more relaxed standing when I'm not getting bounced around on the seat. I've never had diaper rash on my butt from riding.
  4. My HJC AC-X2 is rated really good and is really comfortable.
  5. Maybe he isn't a fast rider? I know I use my clutch a lot.
  6. I need to do the valves on my 250 4stroke. Anyone have the spec's handy?