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  1. totally fake, the frame is all squished together the engine is out of proportion because it is squished in and the seat is two photoshopped together to look like one
  2. go with a white front, and silver shrouds and a white rear and number plates.
  3. sweet! what are you doing to it?
  4. honda0001 thats a BIG jump. sweet whip.
  5. This is with my RM i havent gotten any with my new crf yet. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v200/motoxcrrider14/PICT0040Large.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v200/motoxcrrider14/PICT0019.jpg
  6. thats awesome. did he eat it or is he going to save it as a trophy haha
  7. WOW clean bike. looks good, wheres the straps holding the bike down. i like the white glow around it, howd you do that? haha.
  8. im almost 16
  9. thats sweet dude. yeah you look lkie a 125 b rider your fast.
  10. 5'8'' 140-145
  11. quick question. do you guys use the clutch on ur 250R's when your racing? and isnt it bad if you dont use the clutch and shift it?
  12. ovrrdrive your kid did a good job i wish i got started that young. what song is that?
  13. yeah when i was watching i wanted to push my legs as if i as on the bike. it just looked so good to ride.
  14. nah 3rd isnt that slow, maybe since i just had a 125 and did 2nd gear wheelies i tihnk 3rd is good haha. and i cant shift in my wheelies, do stand ups and its ahrd to reach the shifter, plus its scary to shift in a wheelie i always think im guna go over if i pin it. so going slow in 3nd then pulling up and gassing it i can do them slower but i feel more in control. 4th and i feel like im going too fast to hold them at the balance point.