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  1. VPR Dyno

    Internal trany gear change X to R?

    In the x the transmission has too large 5th gear Want to know if the R tranny will fit in the X motor This motor is in my Moriwacki MD250H race bike and a close ratio tranny would be so much nicer for racing. The R tranny has 5th gear that is the same as 4th in the X Would be nice to have the bike set the same as the R bike. In the manual the shafts and bearings look to be the same so looking to see if anyone has done this. Please let me know any ideas. Thanks.
  2. VPR Dyno

    cdi boxes

    Has anyone used UMI CDI blackbox for the CRF450R?
  3. any information on this would be nice. there are some bikes that this was done and I am looking to do this as well but need to find some connections. also looking for a motor running set up. please advise for our race bike build up.
  4. VPR Dyno

    Anyone crazy stupid like me?

    What type of steering stableizer are you using? looking to see if anyone has one that is a bolt on for the SM's. GPR or Scott?? also seeing if the one on front mount below the headlight will work. This is for the general street bike model.
  5. VPR Dyno

    440kit feedback?

    thank you Your responce is awesome on very well submitted. This is the kind of stuff that I was looking for by joining this site. It should never be groups that are lifers and newlys but general information that has happened. This information is what is shared for others to know the good things and the bad things and what has caused it. It does not matter which way it goes but this type of writing is excellent. Now if there were some kind of information sent from the other side of thoughts. I have had some good PM responces from a few people and that is nice. But the Best Idea that I was thinking is to have it for the general public to read as well. It is nice that alot of people have been here for so long but there are those like myself that get the computer conversation as a new form. I have worked many years on Formula Grand Prix Bikes but this style is so far different than what my expertise that is why I tryed it out. For your out put I thank you for giving me a reason to stay and read thing here. Again..... thanks for that.
  6. VPR Dyno

    440kit feedback?

    Funny that you say stay away from the iron liners. every one says that but they are not the ones that have. some so far have talked about this but as far as I know they have not had it. so far there are only two people that have had them. and it was not explained what the problem has been. debris from sandblasting on the frame painting caused some damage to a iron liner 470 as far as can figure from the notes...?>?>?>?> but there has be alot of good conversations on this. some of the problems have been from sleeving procedures DONE THE CORRECT WAY this will not be a problem if this is installed by someone that does not know the correct procedures then this WILL be a problem. Best thing to do is what you want but do in correct. if you are not mechanically or specialist machinery inclined get someone who is to do it as you will get the quality in more ways than one. Best part is ride the bike, they are very nice, fun machines.... best to be driven as often as possible.
  7. VPR Dyno

    Tire pressure question

    THIS IS IT.......the exact meaning. the best thing to use as your record stock tire pressure is for tire life Thank you for putting the exact answer I have used for the last 20 year.
  8. VPR Dyno

    Vancouver\Van. Island DRZSM riders

    you might like the squamish run depends on if you are a twist street rider or dirt
  9. VPR Dyno

    E cams put into S or SM motors

    jetting is all done now. we have the latest dynojet with A/F meter just dont have the cams and wanted inside information like to know people test .... haha
  10. looking to get some information on the cams ......with the likes of the past responces.... has anyone tested the cam replacement of the "E" cams put into the "SM" motor what is the results of the change more top end? loss of bottom end? different jetting? thanks to your feedback on this needed to see if it is a change to do for an advantage of the street. ours...16/38 gearing 99% street 1% ice on roads haha
  11. VPR Dyno

    Another Stupid Jetting Question

    if it is an SM model the DJ kit is different than the S. it has different needle on different clip positions ours needs the larger pilot as the mix changes fron 1/4 throttle and up also the main jet will be bigger if you are at sea level than you should be running a 155. provided your air density there is around 98% Just my 2 cents
  12. VPR Dyno

    drz400sm need can a 160 tire fit?

    we have also just for fun fit on a 180 50 17 dunlop full rain tire on it for triing dirt free used tire for us to check canadian thing I guess run what ya got... haha
  13. VPR Dyno

    D&B Custom Show Burnaby

    this is Graham Valley-Pro Racing Ltd
  14. VPR Dyno

    Big Bore 470 Kit info needed

    you seemed to have the ideas right out of our head. haha that was what we want to do and set up but suzuki wants a test bike made first for review. and the 470 kit was a bolt on. I have one now that we are getting set up but I have a thumper rep here in canada telling us that the 470 kit is safe. for me I am going to nicasil the barrel if we do go this way. do like the info that you have given and will go out and sort it for price. in alot of ways they are looking at the idea of just doing the top end modification as too a whole rebuild for the customers ideas. the other situation is that it is for the street. we now run 16/38 with 3x3 yosh dynojet SM kit and it puts out now 38.5HP top speed on it is about 155km top speed even for us canadians it is a fun bike
  15. VPR Dyno

    Big Bore 470 Kit info needed

    well this system that we are going to review is for long time street use. we are triing to find something that the regular rider can do and use that is not going to cost him his first born. it is tring to find something that works well with a history. this is scaring me away from doing the system. these are going to be for the SM models. I really do like this type of system online it is worth its weight in gold. to all that is making responses THANK YOU!!!!! it is making me change my thoughts of...... dirt is for vegitables...pavement is for racing