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  1. woodsracer667

    headlight on a 02 yz250f

    What all will I need to put a headlight on my 02 yz250f? Stator rewind?
  2. is it possibe to put the electric start off of the 250xcf on the sxf?
  3. Is it possible to put the 250xcf's electric start on a sxf?
  4. woodsracer667

    rolling chassis

    how much do you guys think is to much to pay for a new 06 rolling chassis with excel rims and hubs?
  5. woodsracer667

    01-05 swing arm on 06 250f

    Will the swingarm and linkage from the older bikes fit the aluminium framed bikes?
  6. woodsracer667

    06 subframe, airbox, plastic, pipe, etc. on a 02 yz250f

    thanks, i may go that route then:applause:
  7. I was just wondering how hard it would be to put the subframe, airbox, plastic, pipe, etc. on a 02 yz250f?
  8. woodsracer667

    Header pipe glowing red!!!

    Thanks, I guess I just havent ever seen it glow before.
  9. woodsracer667

    Header pipe glowing red!!!

    Today I started my 02 yz250f after putting new antifreeze in it and i ran it for 2 minutes and my header was glowing red. Was it an air bubble in the coolent system? Do any of you guys have any ideas?
  10. woodsracer667

    Bar Bend type

    I race an 02 250f in the woods and I ride with Pro Taper Suzuki mini bars on it with a GPR stabilizer and its great!
  11. woodsracer667

    What do you do with your Yz250F?

    #2 forget the jumping crap, dodge trees
  12. woodsracer667

    02 yz250f fork problems

    I have a problem with the compression adjusters on my forks. I broke one of the heads on the adjuster screws on the bottom of the fork because it wouldn't turn either way. I have the same problem with the other side except the screw will turn but it is turning the hole bottom of the fork. I am trying to dial my forks in for woods racing and I currently have all of the rebound dampening dialed out to make the thing ride soft enough to handle. If anyone has any good suggestions on a good place to send my forks to get them set up let me know. Also will I have to replace the hole bottom of my fork to fix the adjuster problem. also can you give me prices on revalving the forks?
  13. woodsracer667

    Big Weekend of Mini Racing in Indy!!!

    This was the best weekend in a long time. 50cc moto on saturday, and my favorite race of the year the Big Ten Inch 50cc harescramble on sunday. First off I want to thank The Ol Woodsrat for the great event. also TRS built a great track if you were crazy enough to hit 40 foot doubles on a 50 (Unfortionatly i was). I ended up 4th in the 50cc mod class on my pitster pro after my wheelie over backwards on the start and took out the points leader. in the 170cc mod class i ended up 4th behind jeff thomas on his crf150f/yz80/ttr125/whatever he could throw on it!! i also got 2nd in the 50cc mod dash for "crash" so that paid for my entry for the evening. On to sunday, Well we all started bassackwards and i ended up with the hole shot and led the first lap. about 1/4 mile afer that i fell on an offcamber and stalled the bike it took forever to start. i lost the lead and then endowed into a tree and broke my clutch lever. Thanks to woodsrat for blowing a headgasket and lending me his brake lever so i could go back into the battle. 2 laps later i had the lead back but then my handle bar clamp came loose( i should have used locktite) and had to come to the pits for repairs. i got out in second with a minute gap to first going into the last lap thankfully the leaders chainguide fell off and he de-railed his chain and i got back out front and ended up winning the thing for the second time. I got the Coolest trophy ever, woodsrats wife made it out of a log that had fallin down on the track. I just want to thank Woodsrat for a great race and i cant wait until nextyear to go for the Hat Trick. P.s. Thanks woodsrat for the loan for the pitster i couldnt have done this without you.