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  1. Yamaha

    Yeah Ive heard of them they make alot of performance parts, I dont know if I would chose one of their exhausts.. the nmotion is a killer pipe huge gains jetting is supposedly tricky
  2. Yamaha

    Just installed my 15 2nite took it out and liked it alot...Wouldnt I wanna go smaller in the back if I wanted top end? I might be wrong let me know
  3. Yamaha

    Ive got an HMF looks sic performs great..try searching for your answer there is tons of stuff on here for exhausts..Good luck man let me know what u decide
  4. Yamaha

    I ice race during the winter...its quite fun they have a track for the cars, bikes, and atvs. Im new to TT and honestly appreciate the feedback
  5. Yamaha

    Yeah Im definitly gonna go with amsoil it seems like a cant go wrong...for winter what viscosity would you guys recommend?
  6. Yamaha

    On all these forums every seems to be riding in the heat and I know thats no where near here haha...if anyone is near Maine or surrounding states let me know Im looking for some good areas to ride...Thanks
  7. Yamaha

    I ride alot of sand pits and my gears seemed a little short so I just jumped from the stock 14 front sprocket to a 15 how much more top end speed am I lookin at...
  8. Yamaha

    Ive heard good things about Royal Purple and Amsoil motor oil, my break in period is almost over and I am wondering what the best oil to run is and how often I should change it? Thanks
  9. I have an 05' YFZ with HMF Sport Series slip on, K&N Pro-Flow kit, with the airbox lid removed, I am running at 70 ft elevation and times from 50-75 farenheight. I am wondering what a rought guess of my jetting may be?
  10. Yamaha

    Its going to the dealer in the morning so we'll see what happends..I agree that it may be the timing because If im running both YZ exhaust and intake cams why wouldnt the timing be the same as the YZ I think the dealership left the YFZ timing instead....another thing is did the dealer screw me by telling me to buy the YZ exhaust cam instead of keeping the WR when all that had to be done was retard the cam timing by one tooth?
  11. Yamaha

    I recently bought an 05' YFZ I had the dealership throw on an HMF slip on K&N Pro Flow kit and jet kit and a YZ exhaust cam. The engine acts like it wants to start but it wont without giving it a tiny bit of gas. The problem is it backfires and shoots a flame if I give it to much gas. Possible timing issue or jetting issue?...Anybody have any ideas?