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  1. Great pics thank you. Can you fit 3 bikes in a forward position? Cheers
  2. Does anyone have any pics they could post? Keen to buy a Samson Bed Rack, but just want to make sure 3 bikes actually fit. I would buy the extender. cheers
  3. hey Matt4x4 - that sounds great. do you have any pics you could possibly post up? cheers
  4. Yep - Howdy. Northern Beaches, Sydney
  5. Can anyone suggest where i can buy or recommend a company thatcan replicate the KTM Factory Race team graphics?
  6. Hi Guys, Ive done first oil change & shortly due to do my second. The first oil change was a real mission, whilst attempting to remove one of the bolts on the oil filter case, as there is not enough room to access with a 6mm socket. The bolts were pretty tight & I didn't want to risk stripping thread, so I also had to remove the horizontal bar which goes across to clutch slave protector. I may use rachet ring spanner next time but wondered if there is an easier way? Cheers
  7. Boys - pics look great. As I am picking up my new bike tomorrow. How have you guys run in your engines? I am off on a 2 day ride this weekend & prob won't have time for a trail ride before. So am thinking of running in on a quiet road, where i can play around & work up & down gearbox for 100km? Cheers
  8. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a headlight unit that will fit my 2002 XR 250R? Would I also need to change speedo etc? Currently I have standard, but want to reduce some weight off the front of the bike & go lighter/smaller. Does the CRF250X headlight fit? Cheers