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  1. go orange... i always thought ktm's werent that good of bikes tell i rode one.. now i have my 07 ktm 250sxf and love it. it is faster than all of the 06 250f's and in my opinion it handles great.. dont factor ktm out tell you have riden one.. btw i came off an 06 honda
  2. where did you get your number plates from?
  3. hey i just did the same thing you did... did your doctor tell you 3 months no pressure... what number break was yours?
  4. actually you are dumb because when you are doing starts you are supposed to shift with the gas on and now clutch...
  5. how much are you guys paying for these and where are you getting them from
  6. i got about 80 hours out of mine before i did a new top end a valves
  7. i run 12 to 13psi
  8. i have an 06 honda and i love it the only problem is the clutches are weak. i have around 120 hours on mine and im getting ready to buy my 3rd clutch. you can never go wrong with ktm either
  9. honestly 6 lbs is not that much wait unless you are running pro. for the average racer it wont make a difference. come on guys how stupid are we
  10. the 06 an 07 ktms are unbelievably fast compared to any other 250f out there.. go orange you wont regret it,... btw i ride an 06 honda
  11. sc-1 is the best for making plastic shiny... and it smells great too.
  12. i go 3 hours at most on my oil
  13. im a c rider and got between 80 to 100 hours out of mine but the first 20 to 30 werent to hard
  14. ya you deffently dont put 10 hours a week on your bike is if you only ride three days a week.... and oil changes in that long of intervals wow i can only imagine what you pistion looks like
  15. i have a friend who has won the pro class here in arizona two weekends in a row on a ktm 125