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  1. Anyone have the dimensions of the stock springs uncompressed? I've got something up my sleeve I want to try, but need the measurements.
  2. Still need this information if somebody has one...
  3. Anyone know the top of pin to piston deck height and top of pin to dome height on the ttr125 pistons?
  4. Well, to be honest, I need a specific piston for some engine development work. It is for something other than a TTR125 but it may work. Ususally manuals don't have these specs in them, so that won't help. I need someone to physically measure the wrist pin and deck height for me. So, if anyone wants to be that good Samaritan, i'd appreciate it...
  5. Can someone provide me the following specs for a TTR125 Piston Wrist Pin Diameter Piston Deck Height taken from Top of Piston to First Landing on Piston. Any help is much appreciated! Also, if anyone has a picture of the 58mm big bore piston, could you please pop that up here. I am in desperate need... Thanks Jarred