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  1. marroquin

    Oil Filter and Cover

    The order you mention is correct, and for the cover ther is no way to put it worng it wont fit, so just align the holes and you are done
  2. marroquin

    Kick Start very hard on a CRF 250 r 05

    I already try the 5th gear as you mention but nothing change, ill check the click sound to be sure the auto decompression is working, thnaks fot your help.
  3. Saturday i went to ride my bike, she starts OK, i made a warm up ride (5-7 minutes) turn it off to wait a couple of friends and when i try to start It again the kick start was very hard, oil level OK (both), coolant level OK too. Can it be a valve issue? timing issue? Any ideas or similar problems Thanks for your help