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  1. Razta

    cheapest tall bars?

    Never mind, i found the answer in another thread.
  2. Razta

    cheapest tall bars?

    wrtom, what is that gold thing on your bars?
  3. Razta

    Anyone in Az

    I just joined, and I am in Yuma AZ.
  4. Kevin, you should make it with no problem. Just wear your personal airbag system. =)
  5. Razta

    Diesel Or Gas??

    Many manufactures are bringing out diesel cars and light trucks in the next few years. I have a feeling that it will just drive the cost of diesel up more. On the gasoline side, India just released the $2500 car that people will trade thier bicycles in for. Global demand for gas is going to go up too.
  6. Razta

    Sick Of Going To Motorcycle Shops...

    When I had a BMW, the dealer had many parts and aftermarket stuff for my bike. Problem was, it was all too expensive for me to buy. =( The parts staff was very knowledgable, and when they didnt know the answer, they brought in the mechanics to answer. It all depends on the level of service the owner wishes to provide.
  7. Looks like its in Peoria right? I am about 200 miles away. I will try to spend more time here. Not sure if I will sign up this time, but the ride sounds great.
  8. XR650L with stock tank. De-smoged, open airbox, rejetted, whitebrothers exhaust, 14 t counter sprocket. When it was stock and sounded like a VW beetle it got 100 miles to a tank.
  9. My last tank did 58 miles before hitting reserve. That was my worst ever. I usually get about 70 miles then reserve is required.
  10. I dont know if I can make the 75 miles between fill ups.
  11. Razta

    Sick Of Going To Motorcycle Shops...

    I agree, i like looking at the bikes and riding gear that I will never buy. But, its annoying when you go for consumable parts and they have nothing.
  12. Razta

    Sick Of Going To Motorcycle Shops...

    I thought that was only Harley's philosophy.
  13. Razta

    Sick Of Going To Motorcycle Shops...

    Wow, sounds like you walked in a dealer I used to go too. =) I have moved so my local dealer is small and they have lots of used bikes. They dont have a single thing for my XR650L. Not even a rear tire that would fit my rim. I did order my tire since I dont change my own because they mount it for the sales price. Oh im sorry, they do have oil and oil filters for my bike.