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  1. Hello to all, I bought an used Gas Gas Wild HP 300 2-cycle a month ago and I'm checking everyting because I don't know how it was used by the previous owner. A couple of days ago I removed the head in order to check the piston and cylinder. I'm not an expert, so I'd like your opinion about what's the piston looks like. I think it's too new to be replaced. Do you think so? These are the pictures: Thanks in advance.
  2. oh my God! that's a lot! Jetting is more important than I thought in relation to performance.
  3. 2hp by dropping the main from 165 to 155 (assuming 155 the perfect one)?
  4. Hi, I've a Suzuki Z400 QuadSport with a Pulse Charger full exhaust, no airbox lid and no snorkel, Pro Design Pro-Flow foam filter, and a FCR39-MX pre-tuned by Sparks Racing. I'm using a 165 main jet, needle on 3rd clip and 55 pilot (the factory settings). It's a bit rich, and I think it'd be necessary to drop to a 155 main jet. My question is, how much does a rich mixture affects to performance? A friend of mine, who is a mechanic, has told me that a slighty-rich mixture (as mine) can drop around 2 hp in the Z400. I think it's too much, and the difference between a perfect-jetted and a slighty-rich (for example a main 5% bigger than the perfect one) engine could be 0.5 hp at the most. What do you think? A before-after dyno graph would be very a perfect explanation.
  5. djise

    CVK40 Dyno Results

    By the way, the red line is everything stock or with 3x3 mod? Thanks.
  6. when I compare my configuration I always look at other bikes with dynojet kits. Added to this, I agree with burned, because of the end dimension of the dynojet kit, 7% smaller at full throttle than the stock one (mikuni), mikuni and dynojet main jets are almost the same... look at this link: http://www.z400central.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=36930&hl=
  7. Ok, thanks a lot! Greetings from Spain!
  8. Hi, I've a Suzuki Quadsport Z400 (2004 model) and I'm jetting it. I bought a full exhaust system (CT Racing), a K&N filter with Outwears, a Dynojet kit and a #25 pilot jet. I removed the lid, installed the pipe and the filter with Outerwears, and tried the #160 main jet, 3rd clip on the needle, 25 pilot, and 2.5 turns out on the fuel screw. It run fine, better than stock. Then I tried the #155 (everything else equals) and it run better, more top end. Next I tried the #150 (the recomendation from Dynojet instructions) and it run better than the 155. I live in Spain at 1500 feet and a temperature from 50 in winter to 90 in summer. The point is that all the people I know from z400central or thumpertalk with the same configuration as me (full pipe and no lid) use bigger main jets, even with higher altitudes. I think a #150 main jet will be lean, but is the configuration that has a higher performance. The question is, is the 150 safe or maybe i'd have to choose the 155 main jet? On the other hand, I don't ride at full throtle all the time (I use the quad for trails, not mx). Thanks in advance!
  9. What do you think I should do? Leaning the air/fuel screw or richen it? Thanks!
  10. Hi all! Last weekend I replaced the header pipe and I've noticed more top end, it goes very well but from time to time, when I turn off the throttle (specially when pushing the clutch) it makes a loud backfire (only one). I've checked if there is any leak in the exhaust, and I think there isn't anyone. What do you think is the cause? Perhaps a small pilot jet (the stock one)? thanks!
  11. Hi all! I wonder about the difference between a slip-on and a stock with drilled baffles (and tip mod) in relation to performance and noise. As for the performance, I think there isn't a lot difference, though I'm sure that a slip-on is better but... how much? Bye!
  12. FMF PowerBomb header is supposed to be better than the CRD one, but in Spain it's very expensive (280€ FMF vs 150€ CRD). Anyway, I'll try to buy it from other country by e-commerce. Thanks!
  13. let's hope so! but unfortunately I can't...
  14. Hi all! I want to increase my engine's performance and I've thought on replacing the exhaust pipe, but in my country it isn't allowed, so that I've decided to replace my stock headpipe with an afermarket one (like CRD), because it isn't very different-looking, and the police won't notice the change. The question is, has anybody tried it? is there any difference in concerning to performance? Added to this, I'm going to modify the stock muffler (peashooter and drill walls). Bye!