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  1. I installed a fatter o-ring, and that cured the seepage for me. Looking at the stock o-ring, it is just too skinny to make a decent seal. I can feel the fatter o-ring compressing as I screw in the filler cap; I can't with the stock item. I checked the crankcase breather line, and it is not blocked. It is plausible that the restriction in the crankcase breather could be causing excess crankcase pressure, so I may end up drilling that out. The motor makes good power, so I don't think I have any piston ring sealing problems. Jason, I find it hard to believe you're losing 3/4 qt of oil out your filler cap; that's a lot of oil. In my opinion, it's much more likely you *are* burning it even though your exhaust tip is not sooty. If it makes you feel better my XR250 burns about 1/2 qt in 500 miles. It's an air-cooled motor and I rev the living snot out of it, so I'm not worried - I just check the oil more often and put more in as needed.
  2. Howdy, Just got this 2009 KLX250S, and it looks like its spitting oil out of the oil filler cap. After a 200 mile ride, there was a streak of engine oil from the filler cap down the side of the engine. The oil was not overfilled. Has anybody else seen this? For the time being, I'm putting in a fatter O-ring on the filler cap, and later I'll check that the crankcase breather isn't blocked.
  3. kmurray

    Removing Mikuni screws

    how often are you gunna use those JIS screw drivers? I'll just cut a slot get them out and replace them with something a little more American. Only the best for my DRZ400. I have replacement carb bowl screws flown in from Japan where they're blessed in a special Shinto ritual. This ritual freezes the screws in the carb body and softens the heads so ignorant gaijin can't unfasten them. On American machinery, I use only American tools. On a Harley, I'd use a Craftsman ballpeen hammer to remove the float screws (just kidding; Harleys run Mikuni carbs - and I'd use a 14lb sledge on the Harley).
  4. kmurray

    Removing Mikuni screws

    Here's one place that sells JIS screwdrivers (found via google) http://www.heliproz.com/jisdrivers.html I bought a set from these guys, and I'm happy. The blades are good quality, but the handles are a little too narrow for me. The manufacturer is Hozan, you'll find them for sale on Ebay too.
  5. OK, at my last track day the brakes on my SM started fading after a few laps. I plan to switch out the fluid for something better (Valvoline or Motul synthetic), but I'd like to find some braided steel lines. Does anybody know who makes DRZ400SM specific brake lines? Regards, Ken
  6. kmurray

    XT225 jetting

    Hi, I'm not an expert, but this is what I did. I replaced the float bowl screws with Allen head screws, and I bought a handful of jets (Mikuni large round). Then I dragged the bike to the top of the mountain where we ride (about 9000ft), and I swapped jets until it ran decent. What did I end up with? Just one size down - 127.5. With the stock jetting the bike was unridable at any altitude over about 7000ft, it would buck and cut out and turn plugs black. Now it runs fat at about 9000ft and 80F (burbles a little) but it's ridable. I don't want run it leaner because we do go riding closer to home (2500ft) in winter (70F). I kind of don't believe that just one jet size made that big a difference, but that's what happened. I dismantled and cleaned the carb twice, I checked the float level carefully, but the main jet did the trick. What's weird is that a friends XT runs fine without any changes. Hope this helps, Kenneth