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  1. ive had strange starting trouble if the bike stops when rideing. cold starting no trouble. hot starting no troulble. but after a stall it takes up to 5minutes to restart. any ideas. my 04 dosnt do this.
  2. ajm60

    o5 yzf

    to different speeds & rpm 1 going slow in aditch. 1 going flatout down a straight in an enduro, got 2 04yzf250s never missed a beat. other uk bikes 05s having the same problems
  3. ajm60

    o5 yzf

    2 different times 1 going slow in a ditch 1 going flatout in top gear doing an enduro pulled clutch in jammed brakes on motor stopped & took 4 minutes to restart. 2 others have had the same thing happen. it never happed on the 04yzf250 we have 2 of them.
  4. ajm60

    o5 yzf

    has anybody had there o5yzf250 cut out for no reason then take 2 or 3 minutes to restart?. then start and run fine all day.