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  1. xt-350

    Motocross Scene in Nova Scotia.

    Check out this site www.atlanticmx.com should give you all the info you need.
  2. xt-350

    Canadian XT350 Riders

    HEY! im down here in Nova Scotia
  3. I'm 16 and my old man said to me, i'll set you up with a bike but YOU have to get it on the road and maintian it, so here I am im not sure what side im on
  4. xt-350

    XT 350 jetting

    hey, I'm wondering the same things, but I have a few questions, 1. Does changing the air filter do much of anything?, 2)What kind of riding would a #520 chain be for?
  5. xt-350


    What about the exhaust, do you have any worries there?
  6. xt-350

    Painting Rims

    Alright, im Glad i didn't try to paint them and waste my time:) thanks
  7. Hey, I can't afford new rims but for now I'm looking to paint them. I'm wondering if anyone on here has any experience painting rims. Just trying to get an idea what might be involved. xt-350
  8. xt-350

    Xt 350 after market exhaust

    Hey everyone im not sure if i should put this here, But does anyone make an exhaust system for an 97 Xt 350 that would still be street legal.