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  1. Dude that guy on the black bike needs his jaw busted! I would find him after the race and give it to him!! What a jerk LOL
  2. Marine

    pics of your bikes

    Here a couple of pictures of my wife's bike and mine... http://crfsonly.com/phpBB2/garage/upload/garage_gallery-34-1146926310_thumb.jpg http://crfsonly.com/phpBB2/garage/upload/garage_gallery-34-1146926217_thumb.jpg Here is one of me and the wife on our bikes... http://crfsonly.com/phpBB2/garage/upload/garage_gallery-74-1147876852_thumb.jpg Well, the pictures are small so just go to this website to view them... http://crfsonly.com/phpBB2/garage.php?mode=view_vehicle&CID=74
  3. Marine

    crf250 best sounding pipe

    I have the FMF TI with Powebomb on my 2004 CRF250R and it sounds SWEET, and seems to have tons of low end grunt! (although I am running a 53 tooth rear)
  4. Marine

    I hate creek crossings

    That was not very deep...
  5. Marine

    Interested in getting a new CRF 450R?????

    Southern Powersports 2006 CRF450X $5900 http://www.abernathycycles.com/new_vehicle_list.asp?Category=1&CatDesc=Motorcycles&Desc=&sid=8654422E-02X1K5K2006J12I56I07JPMQ1205R0&ModelYear=2006&Manufacturer=1&DispType=6
  6. Marine

    Year in pictures 2005

    agreed two blackbelts! I didn't vote for Clinton and really hated to see him take office. He was one of the worst presidents the United States has ever seen...I fear that his wife will be running next time around and that people will vote for her just so that the United States can have a female president BAH! LOL...oh well, I try not to watch the news for this very reason. I watch the weather forcasts and then turn off the telivision...
  7. Very nice, you seem to have plenty of land to ride on and several bikes to ride. That poor little yz80 can't hang with that CRF250
  8. Marine

    Year in pictures 2005

    Very depressing...why is it that people tend to focus on the bad events that happen in a years time. Why is it that the news sells the bad things that happen in a day and we never hear about the good things that have happend, the kind people... The world we live in has progressed to a very sad state and I fear that it will only get worse before it gets better...
  9. Marine

    Got Jeeps?

    Very nice!! I don't have a Bike yet, although I will be getting my CRF450X soon enough... Here is my 1997 TJ with 30,000 miles on it. It has a lot of work still to do. http://www.rocketcityrockcrawlers.com/trailpicts/prvlodge20050806brad/DSC03888001.htm
  10. Marine

    CRF service manuals

    Thank you, I could also use this manual very much! If you want I can set up an FTP site at my home computer and give you a link?? however, this means you will have to get the file to me somehow? Have you tried putfile.com? I have never used it but I belive it is free