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  1. Check reeds, had one do this same thing. It eventually got where it would barely run. I pulled out the reed cage, one side completely fell out, cage was cracked. I replaced the reeds and cage, runs like a different bike!
  2. That is an awesome video, I would love to try that.
  3. SouthCarolina

    There are some places to ride near you, you'll be fine. Harescrambles you have Mideast, Setra, NCHSA and a few more. Check out, lots of local information there too.
  4. I think he got fined $10,000 for trying it.
  5. Checked today went up $10, now $139. Better get one quick price going back up.
  6. The GoPro Website has them for that price also.
  7. Good video and good riding, That looked like a fast course.
  8. I know a guy who rides with one arm, I will try to find a picture of him. He lost his arm when he was very small so he doesnt remember having it. He rides motocross, flat track and harescrambles, he is faster than most with two arms.
  9. Be sure to check the lower shock bearing and the countersprocket seal, thats the only problem I have had with any of mine. The wheelbearings fom time to time but thats any bike. I think you will be well pleased.
  10. Nice ridding! I think the guy who came up to help him was Randy Hawkins.
  11. I was wondering if they opened, any changes to the trails from last year?
  12. I cut mine also, no problems.
  13. I would check spark next, mine did that one time and it was the spark plug. I put a new one in and it started right up. I had a 2005 250 exc that would foul a plug about once a year.
  14. The ruts looked brutal, good job!
  15. I purchased a Motion Pro cable for a 99 CR250 and had no fitment problems on my KTM, both ends fit perfect. I will not got back to the stock cable or routing, wide open throttle in tight woods is not good. This happened to me twice in a Harescramble and I was on edge the rest of the race, not fun!