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  1. FoxRocket_94

    50cc double

    Hmmm, I'm going to call BS on that until you provide video! Edit: Unless you're a little rubber person weighing in at 90 lbs.
  2. Hey .... how do you like your Pitster Pro? I am really thinking about getting one of those vs. building a new one from scratch. For the price, it looks like a good deal.
  3. FoxRocket_94

    Building a new 50.

    Right on, I'll check that out. Much appreciated!
  4. FoxRocket_94

    Building a new 50.

    That's what I am finding! Most likely I am going to get a new CRF50 and throw a new motor/carb/clutch in and call it good. Well, exhaust and controls too!
  5. FoxRocket_94

    Building a new 50.

    I would like to put a cap on this bike at around $2000.
  6. I'm going to take a pretty big hit on it actually, I'll list it for between $1,800 and $2,000. If you're interested, let me know and I'll get some pics up this weekend.
  7. FoxRocket_94

    Building a new 50.

    So, I was going to mod my kids CRF50, but when I finally got a list of parts together, I realized I darn near built an entirely new bike. Sooo ... that's what I am going to do, that way the kiddo and I can go out and play together! I have been checking out XR50.com, and the prices seem to be pretty descent. Anyone have any setup suggestions? What to get? Keep in mind, I am trying to keep this a somewhat budgetable bike!!
  8. FoxRocket_94

    stock 50 exhaust needed

    I am getting ready to put an aftermarket on my kids '05 CRF50. Make me an offer!
  9. Road trip to the midwest?
  10. FoxRocket_94

    Help!!!Looking to upgrade...

    I'll go $501.00.
  11. I am going to get rid of my '01 CR 125 this spring. I suppose I could part with it sooner if you are serious about finding a bike now. Here's the specs on it. BRAND NEW Eric Gorr 134cc Engine Bore, BRAND NEW Emig Race Suspension (front AND rear), V-Force 2 Reed Valve, FMF Fatty Pipe, FMF Shorty Silencer, Pro Taper Handlebars, Pro Taper Triple Clamps, Pro Taper Grips, Acerbis Plastics, Renthal O'Ring Chain, Renthal Sprockets (front AND rear), BRAND NEW Carlsbad tires (front AND rear), Honda Gripper Seat!!!