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    My Honda 04' XR650L , Aviation (Fly Often)
  1. I have had 4 xrl's and every one I tore the wings off and threw them away and living in Tx I have never had any heating issues ,, You can have mine I am looking for a pipe also & about to rejet Thanks GG
  2. gggjr

    KTM LC4 vs XR650L

    Motrsptmn Do daves mods and be done with it . My 04XR650L came unglued after all the mods were done. I am running a Supertrapp IDS2 (Quiet Tip) with 12 disks and only 4k miles I am very happy and still learning. You will notice your legs on fire when you ride your stock bike but not after uncorking the BRP (Big Red Pig) With bigger jets your bike runs much cooler and has better throttle responce, Mine pulls hard in all the gears. I like you never imagined how it could get better but it does. Honda made em run lean for emisions standards and once you get it done you wonder how you ever lived without it. This is my fourth big lunged honda and it runs better than any bike I've ever owned and all were purchased brand new. I would guess a 15 % power increase on mine.Go to www.fourstrokes.com and read on,check out the pictures and print Daves mods and learn how to do it. I had a shop install mine for 80 bucks !! I would of never even done it if it were not for the great people that were more than willing to help. This web site rules also.
  3. gggjr

    Quiet Exhaust Systems

    Hey Wow, the jets are in and pipe is on now with 12 disks . Iv'e uncorked the monster !!!!! This thing's pissed now and keeps trying to throw me off !!! Gobs of power
  4. gggjr

    How many TTers in TX?

    Hello To All TTer's I am in San Antonio,Tx Look me up when your ready to ride !!!! I have some great places !!!!
  5. gggjr

    650R, 650L, or 450x??

    Roadcam Dude, you have the spirit in you and you have a good bike that will keep you young no matter how old you feel. You had my eyes watering after I read your reply. Its funny how when your young your body can take the abuse but we dont realize later it comes back to haunt you with pain. I think if you ride often enough either trail or street you have to be conditioned to go past your limits without having a pain hangover the next day.Remember women suck and your better off boxing your clown.If your single, kiss the ground like the pope use.To. the guy you replied , GET THE "L" DUDE , BE DONE WITH IT
  6. Dude My buddy who visits Cali said that area near La Jolla is god's country for riding. I read him your story and we both cryed laughing.Glad you ok and whats really funny is that you could laugh about it cause my eyes are watering thats so funny !! That wont happen ever again I'm sure. What good did that injury report do ?
  7. gggjr

    HELP my BRP is stumbling above 1/2 throttle

    Question,,Sorry,, But what does BRP mean ??
  8. gggjr

    Uncorked? Newbee

    Hello I just last night installed my Supertrapp IDS2 Quiet Series (A deal I absolutely couldn't refuse) and am happy with it.I have an uncorked 04'XR650L with Dave's mods(fourstrokes.com) . Read up and ride on with the front wheel high in the air fanning the clutch like a 17 year old because thats why you bought a Honda and dont ever forget it.
  9. gggjr

    Quiet Exhaust Systems

    Hey Nobody mentioned the Supertrapp ISD2 Quiet Series !!! I just bought one and getting the jets installed today (55/160) , I got a deal I couldnt refuse !!! I'll Report back soon
  10. gggjr

    Gay Exhaust XR650L ...

    Justice Dude ,, That rear tire is ungodly, What John Deer dealer sold that to you ?? ,, You bike is awsome (that other dude is defin jealous)and have you done any carb work to totally uncork it. I have a 04 also and put a supertrapp quiet tip on it with a Uni- filter,desmogged & snorked,Temp dipstick,(jet-55/160's) Let me ask you about your tail light & license plate mod and how did you mount your plate and is that your stock fender ?? Thanks 'GGG
  11. gggjr

    Moving to Texas very SOON!!!

    Hey I lived in Austin and now in San Antonio,Tx and there are gobs of places to ride. Austin has tons of trails especially on the south side. Bastrop,Tx (east of Austin) has a good track and so does S.A. not far from Killeen/Belton area. Ft Hood if you have the right connections on base is an awsome place to ride. We went rope repelling and my buddy got us on base and then we got buzzed by a chinook helicopter but we got on base no problem !! If you ever get to San Antonio look me up and I'll show you some killer riding places. Although hotter than most places(100 + degrees) during the summer but early morning rides and late summer is the time to ride. I ride an uncorked Honda 04'XR650L and really like to escape on it !!
  12. Hey I have a 04' 650L with the snorkle removed and it runs fine. Get the right jetting for your elevation (55/160),remove the smog junk ,take the wings off,get a temp dipstick & Uni -Filter (or K&N) and get a slip on exhaust and your bike will be pretty much "uncorked''. Expect it to run cooler and alot better throttle responce for very little dough/effort. This is the norm for most big lunged thumper pilots !! .