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  1. nitroflyer

    YFZ shocks on a Raptor 700?

    The 450 shocks work great I have them on my 06 700 however the 450 shocks are stiffer.
  2. nitroflyer

    lowering the raptor 700?

    It's called body english, you are not over far enough until your head hits the ground!
  3. nitroflyer

    New Raptor owner

    I Have to reply on this! That is totally incorrect! There is no stock or even mod 700 Raptor that will do 100 MPH or 172 Kph, I have been racing MX and built many quads, and own a 2006 with many mods and clocked it on radar at max 78 with the correct gearing. LRD full exhaust, full air box mod, 101 oct fuel, Power commander, tops 78 MPH better check your odometer cause you are going about 20 MPH down the freeway! Did it have NOS? or maybe a super charger?
  4. nitroflyer

    06 slip on or full system pipe?

    I would suggest allways to go with a full system, it does not pay to just get the slip on. LRD has a complete system for about 480.00 or check ebay.
  5. nitroflyer

    Raptor 660 owners, do you have?

    I'm not sure if the 660 and the 700 are the same but check around. I have the 700 stock system if you are interested.
  6. nitroflyer

    Integratron in Landers

    Been going out there for some time now, Gaint Rock, find the Landers post office and head North towards Gaint Rock , very nice camping area by the big rocks.
  7. nitroflyer

    How much did you pay for your Raptor 700?

    LA Cycles There great
  8. nitroflyer

    timming a quadsport

    Have you checked all the other related things that might make it not run? Compression, spark present, fuel etc? how are you setting it? to what 3 to 5 deg Before TDC or what? what does the book call for. do you know how to static time an engine? start with the basics, but make sure you check all the other items above. I have been building engines for years, it should not be that hard to set the timming. Good luck
  9. nitroflyer

    How does it compare??

    this must be the preschool department! Let me offer you a little wisdom, I have been riding and racing & building my own engines for over 30 years! its all about the rider, and getting the power to the ground. Lesson over
  10. nitroflyer

    86 suzuki quadsport.

    Its a pain sometimes to split cases with the org factory sealer, make sure you have all the bolts removed! first, also you might want to read the manual, if you don't have one , you should get one. You will need torque specs etc. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=2355796&noquote=1# Thumbs Up
  11. nitroflyer

    Beatin' by an EX!!!

    Well, you have two things not going your way, One is the tires, if you can't hook up well you loose. Two is there is 50 lb weight difference. I also have a 400, and a pipe and jet kit, my biggest problem is that I can't hook up to the ground all the time. I am looking to get some holeshots and solve that problem. Good luck
  12. nitroflyer


    depends on the rider, but in most cases the Banshee is much quicker.