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    Best MX Boots??

    Here's the difference in prices for me: Tech 10's - $300 Tech 8's - $230 Tech 6's - $180 Gearne SG-10 - $200 I've tried Tech 8's on before and they kinda feel abit bulky but I guess I'd get used to it....
  2. I'm torn between what boots to buy, Tech 10's or Garne's SG-10's. I haven't worn either of them so all I have to go off of is other peoples opionions. Or should I save $$$ and just buy some Tech 6's? HELP!! Give me your opinions, please! It's not really the price as much as I don't want to buy $400 boots that I don't like! I've worn ONEAL Hardware boots (w/ankle braces) for over 8 years', only because I was sponsered by ONEAL. I no longer am sponsered by ONEAL nor do I get boots for free anymore. I'm also considering the new Sidi Crossfire........
  3. Does anyone know of any series like the west has the WORCS series (besides GNCC) in the Southeast/Northeast(VA,TN,NC,SC)???
  4. jarrietv

    Got new 2006 450 TODAY!!!

    I just picked up my 06' Saturday....I'm coming off of an 03'CRF450....What a difference 3 years made! Everything about this bike is AWSOME! To be honest though HONDA's contingency is what was the deciding factor. I would have ridden any of the new 450's but I'm very happy with this one!