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    Additional lighting capacity?

    Newbie. Please excuse any typos. I hit the ole 40+ mark a while back and the nighttime vision on the bike didn't get any better. I have a background in electronics so I dug into more lighting for my 1999 DR650. I found most of the kits back then a little steep on the wallet so I put together a cheapie of my own. I'll try to explain it and if anyone wants more info maybe I can add a few digital pics. The stator gives you 180-200 watts to work with, from this you have to run ingnition, charge battery, and run whatever lights you add to the machine. ( I had similar luck trying to find a stator rewind service, not much interest once I got a human on the phone. ) I can't recall the watt ratings for the ignition but lets say its 50 watts. That leaves about 150 watts when you have some revs up on the bike. The stock lights 35/55 watt I think? anyone remember for sure? So lowbeam is 35 watts and high beam is 55 watts. Subtract that and you have ~ 100 watts total to play with and still manage a little charging for the battery. ( very important since push starting these buggers is no fun ) http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=3029 These lights can be found at Wal-Mart too, pretty cheap and they bolt right into the brackets on the forks that had the reflectors on them.... But, you have to buy a different set of bulbs as they come with 100watt bulbs ( which will work for an hour or so then no more starting... ) drop down to 50 watt bulbs which will be much better than stock lighting. The rest probably needs a diagram but you need a few more parts ( a 12V automotive light relay, an inline fuse holder "watts/volts = amps" some stranded wire, and splices. still should be less than $50.00 and you get at least 50yds of dual beam light. Now, I don't like adding switches so I ran the switch side of my lighting relay to the low beam lamp wire for power when you are running on the lower wattage bulb. When I run the high beams ( which most of us do all the time anyway right? ) I get only the high beam lamp. When I switch down to low beam voom! an additional 100watts of long range light. Good for old sight challenged types. It works good in the morning to get those clowns that drive in the dark to turn on their lights too..... Any interest in more detail?