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  1. Craig Daughenbaugh

    Warning to those buying S jet kit from TT.

    Here is a link to dynojet and their pdf on what comes in the kit. The dj/moose/fmf are all the same contents. http://www.dynojet.com/pdf/3109.pdf
  2. Craig Daughenbaugh

    Muzzy dealer

    I spoke with Kurt over at Muzzys they combined some part numbers for the klx/drz and that was the one he had given me for the ss exhaust with ti can. We do not have them listed on the site but can usually get just about anything.
  3. Craig Daughenbaugh

    S/SM & Muzzys exhaust

    My question to all the DRZ owners out there is about this exhaust. Are there any fitment issues with the s or sm with the Muzzys exhaust that anyone knows of? How is the overall quality from people with these full exhausts on there bike? Are you happy with the sound level, performance gains from these systems? I have had a few questions regarding these and there is no better place than these forums for info. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Craig Daughenbaugh

    supermoto wheel set

    Heya, Here is the page from White brothers with the 17's listed for your machine. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/White_Brothers_2005/default.asp?p2=47&s=3&p=185
  5. Craig Daughenbaugh

    hayden, moto gp. spoiler inside ???????

    I have really enjoyed watching Nicky's confidence grow again after a few years of self doubt set in. It has to be hard when you are used to winning week in and week out to the level of competition at the GP level. If he keeps a healthy body and mind I can't wait to see how far he can actually go next year.
  6. Craig Daughenbaugh

    "Rev Limiter" fact or fiction?

    We race cmrra using crf150's and the only reason we removed the stock rev limiter was due to straight away speed. We removed 6.5 ounces off of the stock flywheels to let the engine rev a little more free. With the addition of the box we were able to gain those few extra rpms on the straights to help us out vs. our 2 stroke competition. Any little bit seems to help when it comes to racing. With our engines both have had 175cc big bore kits, head porting, new carbs, and other mods. I wouldn't bother myself with the cdi unless these other mods were done. I do not think the gain would be noticeable without the complete package. I can't speak for power use as far as mx or offroad but with what we have done we can track our lap times and have seen improvement as the cdi/flywheel grind were the last 2 steps we did as far as the engine.