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  1. I have the crossfire. Great boot but if you have wide feet they won't work.
  2. That's a bummer for your timing but good in the long run.
  3. I can't disagree with your logic. I for one could not spend my days in a medical office environment.
  4. So you’re special?
  5. https://www.diymotofix.com/books.html
  6. Are those the Japanese special philips heads?
  7. I do this as well except I place it around the front portion of my seat. Ends up sitting right in front of my crotch but is fairly protected and haven’t ever had an issue.
  8. Either way you'll have the heat from pants and braces no? Seems if pants are over braces you'll be cooler with some air flow between skin and pants around brace. Seems you want a baggy pant and still use knee braces underneath for best cooling or are you just trying to be "different"?
  9. Why again do you want to wear knee braces on the outside of your pants? I'm just not getting it, pardon my stupidity.
  10. I haven’t camped out there during winter time let alone days after a snow storm. Be flexible.
  11. Where you camping?
  12. EFR will be tough. You may be able to ride some of the lower stuff but I would recommend Millican and Cline.
  13. Convincing someone to "Do the right thing" has perplexed humans for thousands of years. Regulations eventually becomes the effective answer. I'm more a fan of education and eventual shaming to correct the behavior but the SXS crowd isn't exactly the easiest to shame. I mean, look at them......
  14. Probably not.
  15. The investigation documentation I have isn't public but apparently you lack the ability to google? I very well may have, What did I miss?