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  1. Andy_James

    Husky 2007!

    yes, very clever
  2. Andy_James

    Any1 live in England on here?

    Chester............ Hello all from me
  3. Andy_James

    Just received my TC610 from Taskys!!

    sound like exactly waht had gone wrong with mine just before I bought it.....
  4. Andy_James

    Newbie thinking of a TE610

    so how's it going so far Nadeem ?
  5. Andy_James

    Just received my TC610 from Taskys!!

    the previous keeper of mine had problems like you have it was the electrics in the the woodruff key needed replacing and then all was ok, cost him £400 (approx $600USD) to get it sorted though with a dealer for a £1 part ! good luck and then enjoy.......... I have only had mine for a few weeks and now the fuel tank leaks, it seems that there were no rad cover bolts fitted because it had leaked previously so when I put some in it leaked........... why h why didn't the guy tell me ? All will be sorted next week though
  6. Andy_James

    610E leaking fuel tank

    thanks for the advice guys much appreciated Andy
  7. Andy_James

    610E leaking fuel tank

    struggling to find Acerbis in the UK to see how much it is for a new one, arggggggggghhhhhhhhhh any ideas. Thanks for the ebay info, there's one for sale in Germany at the minute so I've emailed him for a post price etc so fingers crossed I'll get that one tomorrow thanks for the help Andy
  8. Andy_James

    Maintenance 01 TE570?

    guess I'm lucky with a proper filter........ thanks for the comment Andy
  9. Andy_James

    Maintenance 01 TE570?

    I've recently bought a TE610E and I'm thinking of changing the oil every 1000 miles which surely will be more than often enough......
  10. Andy_James

    610E leaking fuel tank

    I have now found why the previous owner did not have the rad covers bolted to the tank......... !!! I bolted them in an then one started to leak straight away, there is a load of silicone sealant in the hole, and now I've disturbed it it's leaking..... any ideas on how to resolve this little nightmare without buying a new tank ? Many thanks Andy
  11. Andy_James

    Looking for TC610 shop manual. Anybody?

    what valve tolerance do I need on my 2001 TE610E, I've set them as .006 mm is this right for both ?
  12. Andy_James

    Newbie thinking of a TE610

    yes, I have put and illegal 8x6" plate on mine but the pipes still blow onto it so it will probablt malt too but not so far. I bought it from ebay for £12 incl post, the letters are legal size so it looks ok andy
  13. Andy_James

    Newbie thinking of a TE610

    looks great there................ Halfrauds sell locknuts I think, i haven't sourced any just yet I've been using some I had in the garage. Things that loosened on mine after hardly any use were....... rear mudguard at very back, mine snapped off after I collected the bike as it bounced up until it snapped off !! The rack had been removed ! Subframe came loose where it connects to the main frame headstock nut had a plastic cover but was loose just keep everything checked as those pulses do shake nuts off Have fun Andy
  14. Andy_James

    Newbie thinking of a TE610

    I've bought a 610E last month and it's great but a bit heavy so motocross is a no go but serious green laning and road riding are fine. I haven't managed much yet but it's early days. I bought it simply because I've always wanted one, looks like parts are really expensive in the UK though so be warned about that ! It looks great and rides really well but does shake itself loose so locknots on everything is essential ! Good luck finding one Andy North wales UK
  15. Andy_James

    2000 TE610 noisy top end

    thanks for the advice, what a big job taking several hours just to set the tappets !! anyhow one exhaust was completely backed off !!! The other three weren't even very tight and inlets were at 0.15 and not 0.05 ! all now done and it runs again....... thanks thanks thanks Andy