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  1. Thanks everyone. Well I talked to the dealer again and talked to someone a little more knowledgeable there... versus a green sales person who said they no longer carry and practically hung up. It appears they may be able to order one in for me. They're going to talk to Husqvarna on Tuesday and see if they can get one despite not placing any orders for several years. Husqvarna still lists them as a dealer. The person I spoke with loves dirt biking and heads up their dirt bike business (Honda, KTM, Suz) and loves Husky's. He's hoping this will potentially re-open the business... especially with no one within 700 miles of Denver (and great dirt/dual sport country in the backyard) selling Husky's. I'll find out sometime next week if it is a go, if I should have one shipped to me, or <sigh> I consider something else.
  2. Well I'm bummed, after research and thinking, decided upon an '06 TE-610 DS for all the forest roads I have nearby. Called the nearby Husqvarna dealer. They just dropped the line. Called the other dealer about 250 miles away. They're getting out of the line. DISAPPOINTMENT. Talked to their service departments... they're not interested in working on a bike they don't stock. DISAPPOINTMENT. Looked for dealers nearby states. Nothing closer than 700 miles. DISAPPOINTMENT. So, it looks like no TE-610, unless I have one shipped to me from some distant dealer. Is this crazy? I read these bikes are so trustworthy and well built, maybe it won't be much of an issue. Regular maintenance, swap tires, rejet, etc. I'm getting up in age. This will be a mildly ridden thing. What think and thanks!
  3. sfarson

    Thinking of Buying a 650L

    Thanks everyone again. Someone I'm corresponding with said he tried the 650L but it seemed wound out at 60mph on the highway. Since I'll be doing some highways to get to some nice forest/dirt back roads this didn't appeal much. True? And while the 650L is around 350lbs, this doesn't seem too much different from some of the thumper dual-sport competition.
  4. sfarson

    Thinking of Buying a 650L

    Thanks everyone, very helpful. Haven't closed the door on the 650R yet. Is there a dual sport kit one can buy for this bike? Thanks!
  5. Enjoy taking the BMW 1150GS down nearby forest roads, but know (and have experienced) the constraints of its weight. I'm looking for a DS for I want to ride to the roads versus trailer. Have owned many Hondas over the years and they have never let me down. Sooooo, I guess I'm loyal to Honda and the 650L has my attention. Have done some research but have a few questions... 1). Can one take the 650L down the occasional trail/single track? 2). I usually don't do too much to bikes... maybe a performance enhancement here and there. What would be on the short list of "things" I'd have my dealer do to the bike, assuming I buy new. 3). What is a BRP? 4). Living at 9000ft. in the Rockies, I assume among Hondas this is my only choice? I'm not a fast off road rider and I believe XR650R's with a DS conversion are more for those that want to fly down the dirt roads? Well, this is it for now. Appreciate much any thoughts. Steve