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  1. I live in Easton pennsylvania... when i saw this thread i about shat myself thinking there was a legit track up here..
  2. Speaking of greasing... Dirt rider did a sweet article on CRF tips... check it out in Febuarys edition.
  3. Fuel Injection in '07 Oh my god cant wait! The New Suzuki quads are already fuel injected...
  4. There are actually 8 Qualifiers I hit up southwick last year... bad experience, then qualified at unadilla... sweet track real fun wide open. Does tend to get real rough towards the end the first set of motos'. The regional this year is at high point cant wait, So much better then Broome... Maybe i'll see some of you guys around at the tracks. Sponsorhouse > http://www.sponsorhouse.com/members/Fox5racing
  5. Dont touch your clutch, Always better to be steering a little more into the turn than not enough.
  6. Make sure you bring your whip back, the consequences of not bringing it back are bad... trust me I throw a nasty whip, but sometimes i'll be too lazy to bring it back.
  7. I use Pro Clean 1000 they have everything Cleaners, plastic shine... hey... if you have a leather helmet... they got something for that too (Proclean1000.com)
  8. Warm it up a little longer?