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  1. spookynoochies

    Another question

    thanks i was just wondering
  2. spookynoochies

    Another question

    nothe the whole pipe just the slip on is what it was
  3. spookynoochies

    Suzuki Another question

    ok i was looking on ebay and found a white brothers carbon pro for a honda trx-450R and i have a suzuki Z-400 and i was wondering if i could put it on there because it is really expensive brand new and it was pretty cheap
  4. spookynoochies

    Suzuki question

    will an exhaust for a trx-450r work on a suzuki ltz-400
  5. spookynoochies

    Suzuki Hpt Cams

    what do hot cams do to improve your performance because i was thinking about getting one but i do not want to spend $150.00 on something that will not even hel that much
  6. spookynoochies

    Suzuki i need a little help

    i am going to get something new for my 2004 Suzuki LTZ-400 i want something that will give it more all around power so that i can beat my friends stock raptor.