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  1. ok thanks no fear
  2. So quite a few frm UK den im from North Yorkshire ( scarborough ) I was wondering if any1 in UK knows ne good places in England for pit bikes if so we should all have a meeting
  3. I would like Engine casing because mines all worn
  4. Hi guys this may have been said before. In the winter i would like to pimp out my thumpstar but i dont no anywere that sell engine casing :confused:or any other accessories
  5. jimmy u have a pit bike???
  6. Thanks m8 u gota pit bike??
  7. Please leave your thoughts and i also need some help on how to make the photo to its normal size cheers
  8. Thanks guys
  9. Hi i have just baught a Thumpstar and i aint riden a bike since i was 10 lol so here goes nothing..... Video Cheers , should work not sure though Thanks
  10. I live Scarborough aswell
  11. no is it gd?? Is it for pit bikes?? Cheers
  12. Im jst wonderin if any1 in England , UK nos about a track ? that pitbikes are aloud on. Cheers
  13. I was jst wunderin if ne1 on here lives in England , UK Cheers