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  1. I entered a photo contest on the BTOSports.com facebook page to win a trip to Vegas, and I desperately need help! If I could get some help from the Thumper Talk community that would be amazing, and I would really really appreciate it. Here is how to find the contest and vote: Go to the btosports.com facebook page. Search for it exactly how I typed it, not BTO Sports or any other variation. Like the page. Under their cover photo click on "Photo Contest!" Follow the links on the following pages to enter the contest, this will bring you to the photos. My photo is of a KTM #899, titled Railing Loamy Berms. My name is also underneath the photo, Mark Smith. I will also post the photo here! Thank you everyone for your time and help!
  2. YZ250F12154

    So I entered a photo contest...

    Yeah unfortunately it's a product of the service BTO Sports is using for the contest...it certainly has cost me a lot of votes.
  3. YZ250F12154

    So I entered a photo contest...

    Well I tried adding the photo here, but apparently it didn't work...now it should be here!