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  1. mattbmx

    2018 CRF450R Magura hydraulic clutch

    Has anyone wired theirs in? Finally got one with the switch, has wrong connector and cable is about 10" shorter than oem cable. Connects to bundle of connectors on left side of tank. What is different about me GEN2 mounting bracket? This one says it's GEN2 but has a about 1/8" of flex in it when the clutch is pulled. Not to impressed, their stuff has been great for me in the past.
  2. mattbmx

    2018 CRF450R Magura hydraulic clutch

    Does anyone have the part number for a 2018? Did it have a provision for the electric start switch? Just got one from bto and it didn’t. Does gen 2 come with the new slave bracket?
  3. High tack gasket sealant. Just had a left crank seal go and everyone recommended using this or red lock tight. I figured the product actually made for this purpose was best.
  4. mattbmx

    Stumped.. '09 CRF450R Hard to get started

    Mine usually are packaged well, even the guys at service Honda couldn't believe they were shipped a crank this way. Bottom line is an OEM cam should come ready to use. Do they degree ever single engine when they are built in the factory, no. I know some will say to always check, but these are parts being sold ready to use through dealers.
  5. mattbmx

    Stumped.. '09 CRF450R Hard to get started

    I seem to have found the problem. The brand new cam from Honda seems to be about half a tooth off. After checking the timing multiple times and it being a tiny bit off, I went and put back in the original stock Honda cam in and the timing lines right up. Bike starts much easier and runs much better. After this mess of issues, I've come to the conclusion that quality and quality control are something that Honda is lacking these days. They shipped a crank to my dealer in a huge box with no padding letting is bounce around and have the oil port destroyed. Now this problem, I'm about ready to sell the bike. All this because the left crank seal mysteriously started spinning in the case and sent junk throughout the engine. Missing my '08 CRF450, never broke, always started and was much better built.
  6. Brand new engine (everything is new except tranny and clutch), with about 8 hours on it. Ran good first few rides now is hard to start. Will almost start several times then you get a backfire every once in awhile. Once it does start it runs great and will start much easier. Cleaned throttle body, all wiring connections, new fuel filter, valves are in spec, timing is good. No clue what can be doing this. Bike has a JE 13.5:1 piston, Yoshimura RS4 pipe, Eddie Sisneros Re-map. Always ran great up to this point. Engine was replaced after a crank seal went and sent stuff through the whole engine. Any idea's?
  7. mattbmx

    How to disassemble fork cap on 09 crf450

    The company is FC if you must know. I will say this is the ONLY issue I have ever had with them. Numerous revalves, oil changes, and setup help at the track and this is it. While it is one instance, I find it a fairly major issue, since the shim stack and piston was not properly tightened, and the fork cap was damaged along with the compression needle. It just cost me almost $90 in parts; thanks to Technical Touch for having the individual parts needed in stock. I have no issue with sending them more work in the future, I just think that I would be inspecting the work afterwards. I rebuilt many forks since this work was done, but am not knowledgeable with the shims stacks. Next thing to tackle is rebuilding the shock, which might not be worth it due to tools needed.
  8. mattbmx

    How to disassemble fork cap on 09 crf450

    I figured it out. One fork cap isn't adjusting, spins and clicks but no in and out. Won't mention which huge suspension company got paid for a revalve and broke the fork cap, smashed the comp needle and had the shim stack finger tight. Not happy since I have sent every bike to them for work.
  9. mattbmx

    How to disassemble fork cap on 09 crf450

    fork cap is on the top. I have it out, I need to take it apart because one side seems to be doing nothing when it is adjusted. I also need to know what to torque the shim stake down to on the comp rod.
  10. One sides comp. adjuster is all messed up and moves much more than it should. trying to diagnose issue so I can get the needed parts. I have it down the to cap and the rod that comes out of it. How do you get this apart? There are threads into the cap but there isn't a place to use a wrench on the shaft. Also where can i find the torque specs to put this all back together. Thanks
  11. mattbmx

    CRF 450 Engine rebuild

    whats the preferred method to heating the cases to remove bearings? Are you also heating cases and freezing bearings to install? I can't use my oven so would an electric skillet work?
  12. I'm at 115 hours now and its all been mostly loom and sand tracks. I've been told by a few people its crank time, but I'm not totally sold on that. Bike has been maintained great, has had a je 13.5:1 piston since the day I bought it new and has eddies remap and a yosh full ti system. Am I nuts doing this or is it needed? If so other than the crank, bearings, seals and gasket kits what else is needed? or recommended? Thanks
  13. got wings, did you go with honda parts? any special things to know about or is it pretty straight foward?
  14. Sand and deep loom. I ride southwick a lot. Am level rider
  15. 200 hours on which year crf450? I usually put 60+ hours a year on the bike and would rather replace before any real chance of having a failure.