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  1. gsmith

    GT Tomorrow, friday

    What Time are you goin to be at Mace Mill staging area? How many and what bikes? All my normal riding partners are out of town and I want to ride for at least 2 loops prefer at least 30 miles each on whatever trails. I am an amatuer in the Dez and a solid B rider in the woods. Let me know if you guys are into me goin or is it more of a casual trailride type deal. I like to go fast and cover a lot of ground. I wont bitch about what we ride over or anything, the uglier and dumber the better in my book. Anyways I live in Pollock Pines and can be In Georgetown in a hour or so, so if interested let me know okay.
  2. gsmith

    Going to ride the Rubicon

    Just go have fun it isnt that bad! If you are a rock rider and know how to pick a decent line and can keep up momentum and a run a gear high you will be through it in no time. If you panic easy or hesitate and go slow in first gear you will indeed have a miserable day. Take plenty of water as everyone says ,common sense as for bike prep soften your suspension and skidplate protection and drop some air pressure I run 9 up front and 7 in rear with ultra HD tubes and my Excels on my wr 450 may not be super round but I dont peel out like a clown and have not had a pinch flat yet with a variety of different tires and yeah if you can the trials tire is awesome up there. Just stand up keep some throttle on and roll over stuff with smooth momentum and you will have a blast. I laugh at that trail my riding partner doubled his woman over most of it this summer. TWICE. So go have fun.
  3. gsmith

    YZF450 Alternative-maybe an '03

    You could only get an 02 or older bike of any variety to be green sticker legal in California. Unless the bike was produced after 02 to meet CARB standards as in KTM exc or Honda CRF-Xs. If you do find a Green sticker 03 that slipped by DMV it is really unlikely they'll let you keep it when you re- register. SUCKY LAW aint it.
  4. Bike is 2005 wr 250f with hot cams yz camset jd jet kit leo vince full ti exhaust. I started to have this problem only after the exhaust was bolted on. I put on the pipe, set the fuel screw at recommended 2 turns out and conservatively adjusted pilot main and needle. problem starts here. I go to start the bike wich always started flawlessly when stock. It now turns over several times and doesnt start untill I drain some fuel out of the bowl. I then try JD jetkit check float level clean and re-assemble the carb but it still is really finicky about cold starting. once it fires bike runs excellent and starts easily by kick or button. The pipe was what really seemed to effect this problem the most, Any suggestions?
  5. gsmith

    How do I get more LOW END power?

    Had the same issue with my 05 wr 250, after the free mods I installed hot cams and did a little jetting and used the moto billet endcap with really good results.