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  1. djmamayek

    Carb issue, cutting out at WFO

    You can plug it with whatever you can find. I'd probably clean it up real good, let it sit for several hours to de-vaporize and fill it with solder.
  2. Put the DEP pipe and LEO silencer on my 2009 YZ250 on which I am running 14/51. The bike just blows right through third gear now, whereas before it seemed like third gear pulled longer. I like to use third gear a lot for long sweeping corners, but fourth is just too tall, the bike can fall off the pipe. Thinking about going down to a 50 or even 49 tooth rear. Anyone else experience this with a pipe on their YZ250? The bike is definitely more powerful than it was before, but I didn't think it would be enough to require a smaller rear sprocket.
  3. djmamayek

    YZ250 for a 4 stroke guy. Needs help!

    Hope that helps
  4. djmamayek

    do i need a hotter spark plug, how can you tell

    The pilot jet provides fuel at WOT as well. Have you checked the condition of your pilot jet? Is it clogged, or blocked in any way. Have you cleaned it? Sounds to me like you might have an obstruction in the pilot. Jetting is tough, and it is very location and weather dependent.
  5. djmamayek

    what the F*** is that

    I think it looks like a gear tooth as well. Shouldn't be too expensive so long as there is no other damage.
  6. djmamayek

    sprocket teeth for accleration

    No way a stock 125 is running 15/49. Stock should be something like 13/49. If you want better bottom end I would say go to a 51 tooth rear, all of the magazines recommended adding one tooth anyway. I would be hesitant to go up three teeth. You'll be surprised by the difference it makes.
  7. djmamayek

    car suggestions?

    I hear ya. I have a C6 corvette that has been an electrical nightmare. Constantly doing something weird, to the point that I don't feel comfortable letting my wife cruise around in it on her own. Which sucks.
  8. djmamayek

    Selling my YZ - what's it worth?

    Aftermarket parts don't do much for price. In fact, for me they mean nothing. This is why I keep ALL of my stock parts. People want a clean, STOCK, bike. You can get more for a tricked out bike, but it has to be perfect. If I were you, I'd pull all the plastic off, clean the living crap out of the bike, I mean sparkling, fresh out of the crate clean, get some fresh sneaks on it, and put fresh plastics on with stock graphics. Get yourself a can of Silkolene pro prep, could make a $100 or more difference in selling price, seriously. Make sure that if you have numbers on the number plates that you take them off, and get some clean stock white number plates on there. IF you wait for the right buyer (a 16 year old kid with tons of cash) you should be able to get $3200. If you don't have it perfectly clean, with good tires, and great looking plastics/graphics, $2500. Most buyers are going to be experienced, and will know to check the steering, wheel and swingarm bearings, so make sure those sound good, and operate smoothly.
  9. djmamayek

    car suggestions?

    Definitely the 996. Reliability can be questionable, but if you have a decently equipped garage, most work can be DIY. Don't know how much reliability needs to factor in though, its a fun car, you probably won't even put 5K miles on each year.
  10. djmamayek

    CR Brakes

    On my buddy's '04 the stock guide on the fork protector works fine with the CR style routing. Just put some safety wire on there, which you should probably do anyway.
  11. djmamayek

    YZ300 With DEP Pipe

    Once the mounts are re-positioned its a cinch. The pipe fits as good as any other, it's just that the mount tabs are not in nearly the same location. The shape of the DEP pipe is VERY different than stock. The power characteristics of the DEP are outstanding. I ride motocross exclusively. The bike picks up lower, pulls smoothly through a strong midrange, and pulls much longer on top. On medium length straights where you would have had to have shifted to fourth with the stock pipe, you can hold third just that little bit longer. Outstanding mod, second only to the Rekluse EXP.
  12. djmamayek

    How do I remove these from the cylinder or engine??

    The dowels pull right out.
  13. djmamayek

    85 tires on a 125

    I was on track with a 5'6" ish 14 year old on a 250 two stroke this weekend, and he passed me like I wasn't moving. The bikes are tall, that is just something that you have to get used to. Once you do, though, its just as easy as anything.
  14. I'm all but certain that the pads will fit. Honda pads are great. When I did my swap though, I put in a Honda MC and caliper.
  15. djmamayek

    06 250 handling issues

    Braided lines make little difference. Get a honda master cylinder and OE honda pads. If you want soil yourself brakes get a 270mm rotor as well.