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  1. aceozzy

    Some pix 4 the quad guys!!!

    and why would they be tryin to impress you you a dirtbiker, they dont care what you think! ohh and as for a idiot can drive a quad, idiots can drive dirtbikes too, your a prime example
  2. aceozzy

    Some pix 4 the quad guys!!!

    great pics.. and i was hopin my first post was gunna be a good one..i guess not cause i gotta deal with you... little piece of shit.. if i was anywhere in ur area i think i would have to take somethin to ur face ... scared that the 4wheelers are takin over? i guess so!! cause it seems to me like they are!! everyone i know and i talk to are switchin to quads cause they are harder to race, and WAY funner.. as for them being easy to race and/or ride, thats bs and you obviously have never driven one, you should try one out probley scare the shit outta yea, and oh of course youll say, "i dont wanna drive one cause they are for fags"and that "they take no skill to drive".. well im speakin from experience, i had a yzf250 before i got my quad, and thing was just to easy, i got friggin tired of the thing, and i wanted a REAL challenge, so here i am witha quad and i dont regret my decision at all.. now im not sayin i dont like dirtbike i like them alot, but i love quads.. and i like alot of dirtbikers except theres those few dicks that just whine and bitch cause quads ruin their lines and whatnot, jeese grow up and face the facts, that quads are here and theyre not goin anywhere... again this is not to all dirtbikers only those select few, especially this a$shole i just quote.. cant wait to hear you reply... ROCK ON QUADS ohh and one more thing, i like the R.C. and Jeremiah post that one guy posted, looks like quads are better after all