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  1. cwarren

    pipe guard doesnt fit?

    I got it for my 14 300 and it gaps near the bottom of the pipe. Rode it a few days ago and all it does is collect crap from the trail. Way bummed.
  2. cwarren

    Tripple clamp question

    I have a 98 wr 400. The stem on the lower clamp is stripped out. There is a stock set of clamps on e-bay from a 2000 yz 426. I looked the numbers up on Ronnies microfiche and they are different. My question is whether they will work, or were the forks different from 98-00. Any quick answers will help, because they are really cheap and the auction ends in 10hrs from now!
  3. cwarren

    Dual sporting my WR

    These guys make some killer LED lights that will mount onto a YZ fender. http://www.sicassracing.com
  4. cwarren

    St. Helen trail

    IMO Geels is a much nicer ride lately, just to the north east a bit.
  5. cwarren

    best suspension setup for 240lbs stock

    MCR in Metamora MI. They will get ya hooked up at a reasonable price.
  6. MCR in Metamora. Great shop!
  7. cwarren

    Chain rubbing tire

    Thanks for the replies. I'm running a 110 Bridgestone non DOT tire at 20lbs while I'm on the road. I am new to the dirt bike world, and searched the forum for the best chain tension. A million different answers from a million different people. I'll tighten the chain, and see what happens. It looked loose, but I was putting my faith in the minds of the forum.
  8. cwarren

    Chain rubbing tire

    I recently changed my chain and sprockets, and set the tension to 2in from the rear slider bolt. I just got the bike plated, and took it for about a 20 mi road ride. When I got home, I noticed that the chain had been rubbing on the tire, hunking out the knobs on the side. I checked the tension, and it was slightly looser than 2 in, so I tightened it. Took it for another road ride today, and it is still rubbing...&%$#@!? The chain didn't appear to stretch any further, but still rubs. The tire is alligned straight too. Is riding it on the road at a steady speed causing it to flop around more and catch the tire? If so, any suggestions on how to eliminate this. My neighbor's KTM has a chain guard near the tire. I can't seem to find anything like that for a WR though. Any suggestions?
  9. cwarren

    Pipe question

  10. cwarren

    Pipe question

    Will a stock silencer from a 2004 WR 450 fit on a 98 400? There is a cheap one on ebay, I might want. I looked at the part numbers and they are different, but the pipes appear to be shaped alike. The stainless looks alot better than the crappy black painted one.
  11. cwarren

    Budget boots

    Alpinestars Tech 4's! I love mine. I wear a 13, and have a wide foot. The boots fit perfect right out of the box. They are an awesome boot for about $160.00 IMO.
  12. cwarren

    Slide plate

    Thats what I have decided to do. Not going to chance it, and can't afford a new FCR 2.
  13. cwarren

    Slide plate

    Will a slide plate from an FCR 2 work on a FCR 1 carb. I just checked my plate and it is ok, but I don't want to chance it. From searching the forum, it seems like the FCR 2's don't break. Was this solved due to the slide being updated or the carb it's self. I am really looking for an aftermarket slide plate, but can't find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just dont want to screw something up if I can help it.
  14. cwarren

    Rotella T

    Hey Thanks For The Info!
  15. cwarren

    Rotella T

    I just changed my oil with Rotella T 15-40 non-synthetic oil. My neighbor who rides a KTM acted like I was crazy. I am new to riding 4 strokes, and am starting to wonder if he is right. My bike is a 98 WR400 all stock. I see that most people running Rotella are using auto clutches. Is this oil ok for a stock clutch, or should I use the synthetic. I know from wrenching on diesels that Rotella is awesome oil and would like to continue running it in my bike if possible.