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  1. Bansheerider

    Putting stock pipe back on.. Rejet required?

    The Yosh system will be for sale if the bike sells without it. Also FCR etc.
  2. I am going to put the stock header and can back on the DRZ400 SM. I have the airbox modified 3x3 and the jet kit installed with a full Yosh system. The person buying it wants the original pipe back on. Will I need to go back to the stock jetting or is that more dependent upon the 3x3 mod. Thanks for your help.
  3. Bansheerider

    Yosh or Muzzy?

    I just put a full Yosh Rs3 last weekend, went on peice of cake and sounds excellent. Was not as loud as I thought it would be with the TEC, I might run it open. One thing about the Muzzy that changed my mind to YOSH is it looks like the Muzzy can interferes with the stock turn signals, and you might need to buy a new set of signals which would increase your expense. On the other hand its probably something you will want to do eventually anyways.
  4. Bansheerider

    Help me identify these parts

    Is the pilot jet the one thats way down inside? I thought number 1 would be the pilot jet...it says 65 on it.
  5. Bansheerider

    FCR conversion the "burned way".

    I bought it off ebay, they said a Yam426 but I think a '99 YZ400. It looks like the towers are close to the same height as yours. The picture looks like you have about 1/4 clearance, did your cables go on okay? Thanks
  6. Bansheerider

    FCR conversion the "burned way".

    Before I attempt the intallation of this carb... are these the cable towers that will NOT work???? I dont want to get half way through and have to reassemble with the Mikuni if I can avoid it. Thanks http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c319/BrianM442/FCR.jpg
  7. Bansheerider

    Help me identify these parts

    Can someone can help me identify which jets are numbers 1, 2 and 3 Thanks http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c319/BrianM442/FCRInside.jpg.
  8. Bansheerider

    who are you.. and what do you do..

    I'm 46, been in Chiropractic practice for 21 years, love it! I get bored really quick and have constant need for excitement but fortunately I found and married a very patient and understanding girl 23 years ago and I think shes as great now as I did then. I have 2 boys, 20 and 15. Great kids! I have raced mountain bikes for past 8 years, downhill (hence bansheerider) and cross country in Masters Expert. Also ride and fun race road bicycles. I have 4 bikes but the DRZ is my first Motorcycle, I debated for a couple years between getting a sport bike and did a lot of test rides (love the R6) and a dirt bike and decided on the DRZ400SM to give me a bit of both, and get me killed less quickly. Im finding riding a dirt bike and a mountain bike are two entirely different experiences.... plus the front brake is on the opposite side... that messes me up when I squeeze the clutch and wonder why I'm not slowing down. Just starting the mods...Pipe and FCR ready to install. Great forum.... nice to meet you all.
  9. Bansheerider

    Muzzy dealer

    TT store has them now. Heres the parts number: Craig Daughenbaugh:....the part number on the exhaust changed to 1014-00178, the quiet insert is 0045-00012
  10. Bansheerider

    First ride....no start

    I finally found the problem and thought I would finish the thread, just in case anyone had a similar question. When the voltage was tested with the battery out of the bike it tested at 11.8, low I know, but I thought that would be sufficient to at least turn on the speedometer. What I found was when I put the battery in the bike, and turned the key on, the voltage only measured 0.5 volts. Something was malfuntioning inside the battery so that when it was under load it died. Since I only have 1000 kms on the bike, I never suspected the battery, but with a new one in,......away she went . Thanks everyone for the help.
  11. Bansheerider

    Installed the Muzzy today,,,,,

    Xsquiggy... I noticed you have the rear foot pegs out, will the Muzzy install with the rear foot rest still in?
  12. Bansheerider

    2005 Supermoto with new Muzzy

    If you had the stock turn signals on the back, would the pipe still fit? It looks like they would be in the way of the pipe.
  13. Bansheerider

    ??Is this the hot start?

    I did a poor job of asking the question. This is a part that came with, but not attached to a FCR that I bought used off ebay and I cant figure out where it attaches or what it does. I thought it might be a hot start.
  14. Bansheerider

    ??Is this the hot start?

    Can someone tell me what this part is? Number 111....Is it the hot start that we should be not using? Thanks. http://www.ronayers.com/fiche/300_0312/carburetor_model_y_k1_k2/carburetor_model_y_k1_k2.cfm?man=su&groupid=1550&parent=1540
  15. Bansheerider

    First ride....no start

    The fuse in the battery compartment looks good. Are there any other spots I should look for fuses?