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  1. Thinking of buying a 09 510...and then keeping my eyes peeled for a set of dirt wheels to put on on a regular basis to do some duel sporting.Just curious if any one else has done the same.Had a few huskies over the years,but have been on blue bikes for the last 5 years
  2. i'm really thinking/wanting to buy either a 250 txc or wr smoker.my riding consists of primarily tighter single track and the usual hillcliming from time to time,usual east coast riding in the mountains:smirk:.had a husky back in the day and always like them and was thinking if it's good enough for kearney....good enough for me right?past few years i've been on the blue bikes and normally run a FWW,pipe,tank,revavl-susp,stablzr,rekluse,etc...... 05yz250f-great bike,bulletproof,never wore me out but seemed to run out of steam.06yz250-great low end for a smoker,light,easy to start,but never could get the mx hit out of it.now i'm on a 08yz450f-probably the most fun bike i've had for more open trails and climbing,but hard to hang on to for a 2hr hrscrble.anyways no the weight difference between the txc and 09250f.by the way i'm 6ft,195,sooooo.........let me have it.
  3. cmd

    My Red WR450

    DAMN:banana: i always loved the classic purty blue on yammies.......but now you've got me rethinking when it comes time to put on fresh plastic and graphics.yours is hands down one of my favorite bikes now:thumbsup: ....even compared to the decked out am-pro yamahammers:smirk:what kinda grips are you running?
  4. good friend use to have one.we pretty much took it every sunday for riding...that was back before everyone and there brother had crewcabs.atleast more than half the time we had a 5x10 tralier hooked to it with three bikes and 3 adults...the back seat actually isn't too bad:smirk: anyways it was absolutely bullet proof.when he finally sold it,it had 150k on it and never had any real issues.he had the 3.4lv6 and would get around 15 mpg pulling,18-20 empty
  5. just like ecuvator said,was hard for me too to get the exact cable adj that they sted in the instruction(1/2" is stated..mines closer to 3/4")and really think about the kinda hit you want so you don't have to go back and add or take out balls.other than that,instructions are great,just take your time:thumbsup:
  6. cmd

    yzf woods bike

    they make great woods/h.s. bikes,i use to have a yz250f decked out for the woods,great bike,bulletproof as hell.sold it not to long agoa and am on a yz450 now,only reason is i've put on a few pounds in this depressing economy:lol: if not i'd still be on the 250.also the rekluse pretty much kills the need for a fwww,so if ya put one on you can set it up for the woods,then if ya wanna hit up the local track take it as it is,or you can actually adjust them so the motor hits harder:thumbsup:
  7. cmd

    yz250 or kx250f?

    for the smoker.honestly i think the yz would have a serious advantage over the thumpers...there's a reason you still see ALOT of them at h.s.i just sold my yz for a yzf and there are alot of times i truely miss the bike.they are so much easier to toss around...especially in the turns:smirk: plus the maintenance and they are so bulletproof.really hard to beat a yz,best bang for ya buck
  8. cmd

    250f mxer

    the yzf's seem to be the most bulletproof for everyone.the crf's DO go through valves...i'd say yzf,then the kxf,and rmz.i've had 5 blue thumpers and never had any issues:ride: all the others always seems to be alittle finicky,i guess there's a reason when you pull upto a h.s. that you see alot of blue bikes there.
  9. cmd

    WR450 On-road Reliability.

    i put maybe a few hundred on mine before slappin' a set of 17's on it. after the motar conversion i put atleast 3-4k on it and never had a issue.i'd change the oil about every 2-300 miles.after having it set u as a sm i conveted back to it's woods set-up,sold it to a guy i know and he's still never had any issues with it.gearing it up helps,not being slack with your maintenance, and of course keeping it off the rev limiter helps.it's amazing how many guys i hear on their 450's ringing the out of it..bouncing off the rev limiter.i mean come on,grap another gear.these 450's have plenty of power for some street riding in the twisties:ride: for what it's worth i'm on my 5th blue thumper...they're freakin bulletproof
  10. since you've had a wr,why not a wr450f or yz450f.unless you had didn't like your wr i'd stick with another blue bike.they are absolutely bulletproof:thumbsup:
  11. cmd

    What are the BIG GUYS RIDDEN?

    hands down...yz450f.i ride primarily single track .ride it a gear tall and you're set.all in all with afew mods any mx bike makes a better woods/hs bike,mainly because they're susbstantially lighter and easier to get parts for,thats's atleast my 2 cents.two of my riding buds are top b guys and love their orange 300 smokers sometimes it's hard to beat a smoker the tight stuff
  12. whats your $ range.i would'nt rule out the little blue bike,there's a reason you see way more yz's at h.s. then rm's,cr's,& kx's:p .but i'd say rm would be next inline,turn on's a dime, but motor will need to be tamed and some susp work would help too
  13. dagwood,are you over or under 190 lbs.seems like that is kinda the breaking point.if you're a descent size guy...you'll love it.you can always ride it a gear tall and just let it do the work for ya,but if you are a smaller,they can and will wear ya out alot fatser in the tight stuff.
  14. cmd

    harescramble bike

    you should definitely consider a yz250 as well:thumbsup: .they make awesome woods/hs bikes,plus you get alot more bang for buck versus the orange bikes.the yz can be set up for cheap.tank,fww,pipe,susp,damper=way less then 3k,then you've got a bike thats way easier to get parts for and is alot more durable.
  15. another:thumbsup: for the 450 in the tigh woods,like every has said,fww,gearing,and if ya can, a rekluse.i love mine, even in the tight stuff.tap it into 3rd...and your set:smirk:.it really does shine when you ride it a gear tall in the more technical and tight stuff.