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  1. gimpykid

    Looking for E. Sierra dirt route.

    I don't have any pictures of the south end of the trail but it looks like a trials course. It's a hill strewn with rocks the size of my nx...haha Yeah, the nx is fun, but not the most durable dual sport. Stuff is always breaking, but then again, I don't think honda meant it to be ridden quite like I ride it...haha. I'm lookin to upsize, climbing carson pass in third gear wound out is not much fun for me or the nx. That super enduro was awesome though.
  2. gimpykid

    Looking for E. Sierra dirt route.

    a white nx250...my buddy was on a super enduro
  3. gimpykid

    Looking for E. Sierra dirt route.

    Another Lodian here, advising you to steer clear of the south end of the deer valley trail near 4. The blue lakes end is easy, but once you cross the creek it gets rocky. A few sections would be real hairy. I went up 4 to markleeville today , would have loved to know about some dusty roads out there...
  4. yep...they didn't turn the petcock on...thieves are so intelligent...it was recovered in a wooded area hidden behind some bushes. I'm keepin my eye out for a newer motocross/enduro chassis. I figured it would be less work to just swap the motor into another chassis than to machine clamps and rework the rear suspension...money's tight at the moment so im not in a hurry. As far as tires go, the rear doesn't bother me but the front end always washes out at the most inopportune times. I also tend to ride in a couple areas with pretty slimy mud and the tw's don't cut it...
  5. When I first got it in brand new condition with less than 1k miles, the original owner (family friend) warned me that you don't get too many chances if it doesn't start the first time. I get like 3-4 good cranks then the little zzzzzzzzzzzzzit....I thought this was a lil inadequate so tried a new batt...but to no avail...got it serviced at about 2k and asked about the weak electricals and the dealer said he remembers when they were new they had a poor electrical system and didn't give you much cranking time. could you refer me to some knobbies for the rear...I found one for the front once...but never found any for the rear...
  6. Everyone hit on the big points...I currently ride one, and have a short list of little frustrations: Rim sizes SEVERELY limit tire choice (read two tires to choose from in the rear) Spaghetti stock handlebar (good for one drop) brittle bodywork that likes to snap mounting tabs underengineered starting system combined with lack of a kicker (insert push start here) As a college student, I'd call it a GREAT bike for around town duty. It's home is not in the dirt but with a suspension upgrade, an 18" rear rim it could hold its own. The CDI is known to go bad...and they're pricey...
  7. gimpykid

    Excentric dreamer project possible? NX 250R/X?

    Ok, now before you beat me with a wet noodle for reviving an old thread, but I thought morkys might like to see this. I am the proud( ?) owner of an 89 NX with 2300 miles on it...I can't even begin to explain how pathetic the suspension is, but I am endeavoring to fix that...ala crf450 forks in custom triples by yours truly and a kx, cr, yz swingarm grafted to fit. I'm getting the front end cheap, with 320mm brakes and a 17" excel wheel...mmm...supermoto. I'm at school and we have a SWEET auto/machine shop and auto club and my dad is bringing me the bike next week to begin the r&d...I'll keep ya posted...
  8. gimpykid

    STOLEN: 89 Honda NX250

    in Lodi, about 35 miles south of sacramento, white, liscense number 1254891, roughly 3500 miles stolen right out of the driveway friday night. Best part of all, Dad didn't insure it for theft because it was $35 more per year...so now I am broke, without transportation. If you see it, please let me know, or contact law enforcement. Whoever stole it would be stupid to ride it considering there are like 4 in the whole state.
  9. gimpykid

    05 DRZ 400 S vs. 05 Mustang GT

    i don't want to sound like a nit picky kinda person, but, only the zl1 vettes came with 32 valves, so...that twice as many valves thing is wrong, an ls1 and a b18 both have 16...and they are cheaper than honda valves...
  10. gimpykid

    twin shock 200's?

    all the tech on here seems to be on the later models, is there any reason besides age that the twins don't have as much a following...I just got a 1980 200 in non running condition, but im curious about them. What other, more modern forks (disc brakes, longer travel) are compatible with the head tube, and where can i get upgraded rear suspension, not that i need it, its just a lil more travel never hurt anyone...