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  1. definitely! I have them on my 250x and they work great. my cousin didn't have any on his 250r and didn't want to bleed them because it seemed difficult to him, and it cost in about $200 in fixing the forks. I believe they were $25 at cyclegear, but I don't remember exactly. I know it was cheaper than $200! easy to install, well worth it
  2. buzzardrider

    so many options!

    alright, I have a 05 250x and want to get a pipe for it. problem is, I hear so much good and bad about everything, who the heck knows what to get!? my cousin has an r with an e2 on it and loves it. my girlfriends' uncle, who used to race, recommended a yoshimura carbon fiber slip on. those are pretty much what I've narrowed it down to. want to get it by thanksgiving. any help would be appreciated. oh and also, is the yoshimura carbon fiber slip on the same for the x as it is for the r?
  3. buzzardrider

    Yoshimura trs comp

    you have the akrapovic or yoshimura?
  4. buzzardrider

    bike won't start, what the f#%*(

    if the jetting had nothing to do with it, how did my bike miraculously run after I re-jetted it under the same conditions?
  5. buzzardrider

    bike won't start, what the f#%*(

    yeah, the jetting is very important for it to start or run good. I had a 40 pilot in my stock 250x and it barely ran. with a 42, it runs like a bat outta hell. try upping the pilot and maybe the main just a little.
  6. buzzardrider

    About to purchase '05 250X

    except that the r is red sticker. go for the x, you don't have to do that much to it, and you can ride it anytime of the year. I have a stock x and when i drag race my cousin on his r with an e2, I'm not far behind him, and won't be once I get my yoshi carbon fiber. the x is much better for woods and trail riding and can do track stuff. I guess if you're hardcore racing, the r would be better, but it depends on what you do. the x is kind of a jack of all trades.
  7. buzzardrider

    Yoshimura trs comp

    in defense of the carbon fiber, the F-16 falcon (air force fighter jet) is built out of carbon fiber, as are most of our fighters. you may have just gotten a bad one, which sucks. I'm still getting a yoshi, which one is another issue, I got time. I like the design and power increase. here in the central valley, it'd be rare
  8. buzzardrider

    Yoshimura trs comp

    so the yoshi comp aluminum would be better in the long run than the carbon fiber?
  9. buzzardrider

    won't run!!!

    alright, it finally works. 1) the pilot jet was dirty, about half the size it usually is and 2) the pilot jet was WAY too small. I put a 45 in there and now I can kick it once, even when it's cold, and it starts first time.
  10. buzzardrider

    won't run!!!

    haven't tried that yet, I'll try today. I've heard that these hi performance hondas come from the factory jetted way too lean. people have recommended a #42 pilot (stock 40), a 135 main (stock 130) and moving the needle clip to the 4th position (stock 2nd I think). will that do anything? or could I just move the pilot screw to let more fuel in?
  11. buzzardrider

    won't run!!!

    air filter's clean, hasn't been oiled because it hasn't gotten dirty. drained the carb twice, still doesn't want to idle. and that clicking sound it makes as it dies, which I believe is normal, it does for a while before it dies. makes me mad cause it's the first bike I've purchased. maybe not enough open riding? only really ridden it on a track.
  12. buzzardrider

    won't run!!!

    I've had it for a little over a month and put 40 miles on it in two rides.
  13. buzzardrider

    won't run!!!

    how high do I need to turn it up, it's been up pretty high and won't idle, it actually dies quicker
  14. buzzardrider

    won't run!!!

    ok, I have a 2005 crf250x, the california model, completely stock, and the thing won't idle! when I start it, with the choke on, it doesn't hold it's rpm, sometimes it sounds like it's at about 2000, with the choke on! when I take the choke off, it just dies. and that's having the choke on for a good period of time to ride it, I have to keep the throttle open as I shut off the choke, then take off, but it annoys me that it just won't idle. any help please?!
  15. buzzardrider

    Jetting Settings

    I have a 160 main and the stock crf250r silencer. good? bad? carb changes? I'm gonna take off the airbox snorkel too.