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  1. mattymurn

    bike choice question: crf 150rb right for my son?

    thanks everyone for the replies, we are going to have a close look at a 230F on the weekend, we'll see how he fits it. We don't need the performance of the R/RB....at least not yet
  2. My son has outgrown his crf100, he is a big for his age (11 turning 12) 5'6" , 155 lbs (and growing). Hes ridden for 3-4 years but nothing extreme, trail rides with dad kind of stuff. I don't want to intimidate him with a bike thats got too much power etc. But I also want him not to outgrow this bike in a year either. He is not interested in competition at this point. thanks for any feedback Matt
  3. mattymurn

    XR650R and FMF Hi-Flo Headers

    I think Ihave the same headers, , mine have the same problem, they are close or touching. I have not had a problem in 2+ years of riding, no visible sign of the header rubbing thru the rad. When I had the right rad off for winter maintenance I gently dented the corner of the rad, so now I have a couple of millimeters clearance. matthew
  4. mattymurn

    xr650r clutch plate question...

    thanks for the reply the pigpen site http://www.xr650r.us/clutch/ "Chances are, as long as they aren't warped or blued, the steel discs will be fine. The plate next to the judder will have a groove worn in it." so I thought this groove would be normal, interesting you don't see that..maybe my clutch was mis-adjusted and caused this. thanks Matthew
  5. I have my clutch apart as I noticed some slight slipping at high speed. All my fiber plates are well within spec. I notice that the steel clutch plate that sits next to the judder spring has a groove worn in it from the judder. Can I safely rearrange the steel clutch plates so the plate with the groove in it is no longer the one sitting against the judder, ie, switch metal plates (they all are identical). ie, how important is it that all the plates go back in the basket in exactly the same order they came out (obviously the first fiber is bigger than than the others) ?? I do plan on adding the extra plate mod talked about, but I don't know if I can get new plate before my next trip. Also I am running a rotella synthetic oil, not sure if that could be an issue, it hasn't in the past on other bikes. thanks Matthew
  6. mattymurn

    correct running temp on 650R

    With my trailtech vapour setup, my COOLANT temp, (not oil) varies based on speed (which you would expect). When cruising it is around 180-195 F, when stopped or going slow it creeps up. Single track, climbing I see it 220-230 F on a regular basis, if I'm stuck in traffic like I was on the weekend I have seen it go as high as 277 F. At this point, the overflow reservoir is starting to fill up signifying boiling . I run the napa/motomaster thermostat, with normal silicate free antifreeze plus water wetter. I have the temp gauge installed on the horizontal hose exiting the head.. Once I get moving the temps drop really quick. I have a small fan installed (PC fan which works ok, but I don't think it moves enough air 60cfm), anyone else with a fan setup that works ?? My rough calculations show that with the size of the stock rads 250 cfm is about the minimum needed to keep the temp from climbing. Do fluidynes make a big difference in keeping the brp temps under control, this is one issue about this bike that I don't like... Matthew
  7. mattymurn

    XR650R Vapor Questions

    When I put my vapor on my bike I had the same problem, I reset the vapor by pressing the reset button on the back and that fixed it.
  8. Was wondering if anyone has seen this before... I had just finished riding down a set of bumpy railway tracks, right as I left the tracks, the bike started to sputter, I switched to reserve and the bike sputtered a bit more and then died. Looking at the level of gas (Clarke natural tank). I could tell I was right about the normal level when I hit reserve. Left the petcock in reserve and tried to start it... no luck. My first thought was maybe some crap got into the carb so I opened the drain on the carb to see if gas came out. Sure enough gas came out so I figured it was not fuel related. My next thought was maybe an electrical connection came loose.... Fast forward about 1/2 hour, still no luck and a buddy had towed me to the nearest rode where he went to get his truck. While I was waiting I decided to trouble shoot a bit more. I was going to take the tank off, disconnected the gas line , quickly turned the petcock to reserve expecting to see gas flow out, but nothing came out ??? At this point I cracked the filler cap and looked in the tank and could see some small bubbles coming from where the petcock was. replace the cap, turned the reserve on again, sure enough gas came out. Connected everything up again and sure enough bike runs no problem:applause: My question is, what could have caused this, I have run onto reserve several times before with no issues, it appears there was some type of air bubble in the line that was trapped and until I opened the cap it wasn't letting fuel out. I have a breath vent on the cap?? Any ideas.. thanks Matthew
  9. mattymurn

    Choosing a rear spring...

    I am about 240lbs and put on an eibach 11 rate spring this year. Feels just right, but admittedly I don't ride the bike that hard. Matthew
  10. mattymurn

    xr650r jetting question...I am confused...

    Problem solved... installed the 68S pilot and 175 main with the B53E needle. Bike fired right up. adjusted the pilot screw to about 1.5 turns out. No more sputtering in 2nd when I open the throttle quickly. Seems to be a little more responsive. Only thing I noticed if I am riding along at speed in 5th (about 3/4 throttle) and quickly add power I get a "little" ping (almost like detonation). Not sure if I should go one bigger on the main or up the octane (was running on 87 octane) at the time. Matthew
  11. mattymurn

    xr650r jetting question...I am confused...

    That was the next thing I checked, it is the correct intake manifold (it is round and not D shaped) thanks
  12. mattymurn

    xr650r jetting question...I am confused...

    thanks, this is what I ordered today, I will give it a try. What I did find out was that one of the little panels in the airbox that was supposed to be removed during the uncorking process was still in place. I had just assumed when the previous owner uncorked it, that this piece had been removed. Not sure if this alone could make the difference and allow it to run richer, I can't figure out why you would take one of the panels out but not the other. The side panel is drilled with the two uni-vents at these two locations though.. thanks for all the input matthew
  13. mattymurn

    xr650r jetting question...I am confused...

    From all indications, as you guys have pointed out, my bike should be way, way to lean. It seems like a bit of leap to from a 158 to 175 and a 65S to 68S. I will give it a try. could the fact that my needle is 4 th from the top be compensating for the small main ?? This makes me doubt my plug reading skills ?? thanks matthew
  14. I posted before about having a bit of "stumble" or hesitation if I rolled on the throttle when going slow in 2nd gear, not whacking it open but quick enough as if you want to pull the front wheel up. When the rpms go up (above 3/4), the hesitation goes away, it is only evident at a certain point in the throttle range. bike is uncorked with a full yoshimura offroad and a uni-air filter with a couple of holes in the side cover with the round vents installed. The plug looks good, maybe a bit dark (rich) (chocolate brown, dark tan). Since I got the bike used and it started no problem (1st kick normally) and ran really well (minus the hesitation) I did not want to mess with anything that ain't broke. Anyway, I got around to pulling the carb and this is what I have Main: 158 pilot: 65S needle is 4th from the top, needle is stamped B53F (is F possible or am I reading wrong) fuel mixture is 1.5 out I am pretty much at sea level or a 1000' ft typically in the pacific north west. What confuses me:confused: is the indications are that I might be a bit rich but my jets indicate that it should be almost lean given how the bike is set up ?? or am I reading things wrong. I have read the jetting guides and it appears I am quite far off the normal 175, 68s setup that is normally talked about. I have had recommendations to go one bigger on the main, that would bring me to a 160 ?? but this seems reverse to my logic as wouldn't this make it richer any ideas ?? thanks, matthew
  15. mattymurn

    xr650r 3/4 throttle problem(hesitation)

    thanks for the replies, Bigtooth, you mentioned opening up the tip, to lean it out a bit, what I did do was add a yosh quiet insert, which I think would restrict a bit more than the way it was originally. I wanted to quiet the bike down a bit. I wonder if i pulled the quiet insert out if that would help. matthew