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  1. hi does anyone no if graphics for a 2005/2006 300 exc will fit on a 2000 300 exc with a little bit of trimming or are the changes to big. kind regards jamie
  2. thanks mate great minds think alike, although mines worrying cos i only had a ful engine rebuild 500 miles ago. kind regards jamie
  3. Hi I Have A 99 Wr4oo And All It Seems To Do Is Rattle. I Thought It Was My Chain But I Tightened That And It Still Carries On. Its Like One Rattle Every Second When Im Out Of The Powerband And Too Loud To Hear When Im In It. Its Driving Me Crazy. Any Ideas??????? Wb Jamie
  4. Hi Does Anyone Know Where You Get The Coloured Motorcycle Chains From (orange,blue) Thanks Jamie Wb
  5. Yeah Thanks, I Just Bought A Tank, Rad Panels And Seat With Gripper Cover Off A '99 Yz400 On Ebay. It Cost Me $210 And Comes Complete With Yamaha Of Troy Graphics And Seat Cover Wb Jamie
  6. Hi Does Anyone Know If You Can Get A Smaller Tank For A Yamaha Wr400 1999 As Mine Is Really Big And Too Heavy And Bulky. It Also Looks S**t So I Need A New One Wb Jamie
  7. Hi does anyone have a wiring diagram for a wr400 1999. my electrics have just packed up and i would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me a copy at iced_jemjems@hotmail.com wb thanks jamie
  8. mine has about 9 discs so how many to make it quieter. where do you get the quiet insert from
  9. yeah sounds good. i use it for work and the neighbours dont really appreciate the noise in the early hours wb
  10. Hi I Have An E-series S-bend Exhausts But It Is Just To Loud. Does Anyone Know Where You Can Buy Baffles To Fit This Exhaust From. My Bike Is A '99 Wr400
  11. i will get one in a couple of weeks, big end just gone so it is getting fixed costing me £900
  12. thanks it looks awesome wit bud light graphics. just fitted e-series exhaust, bud light stickers and yellow repeat YELLOW motocross tyres
  13. Does Anyone Know If Plastics Off A Yz400 Will Fit A 1999 Wr400
  14. Hi Does Anyone Know What Length Chain I Should Get For A Yamaha Wr400 '1999'. And Where Can You Get The Coloured Chains From Wb Jamie
  15. Hi My Wheels Have A Flatspot On The Rim And I Was Wondering Whether Using A Wooden/rubber Mallet To Bang It Back Into Shape Will Harm The Rim In Any Way Wb Jamie