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    How to drain carburetor?

    I now live in cold country and just had to pay to have my carb cleaned because I can no longer ride year-round... How do I drain the carb on my DRZ400s? Any help appreciated, and if you have pics that's even more better!! Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the help, guys!
  3. Here's a pic of the compartment. No luck, but I'll keep it in mind for next time. With regard to your fan, did you make any modifications other than just removing it? Edited to say: Is it just me, or does that hose look like it's seen better days? thanks
  4. So you mean the long green hose is the fuel hose, the black is the vacuum? What's the other funky one with the jury-rigged filter? Removing the petcock would mean removing all of the hoses, right? The petcock is stock, or at least looks exactly like my buddy's brand new one. When I pull these hoses off, are there any handy items used to plug them so they don't leak gas?
  5. I bought aftermarket filters, no ring so I'll have to go back and get one. Thanks for the info, Hooter! I also now realize that I really do ne a bike stand. Doing the oil change on the kickstand caused oil to drain all down my skidplate and made a big mess...
  6. Boy am I regretting not: a) Paying more attention and listening to my dad Taking any shop classes The situation is: I've got an '02 400S I bought used last year. I've never been particularly mechanical, but with the support of this site and some helpful friends I'm hoping to remedy that. It seems that the bike is a great way to start. I'm beginning to see how knowlege of basic fixes would be invaluable in saving me a long walk in those big heavy boots the next time I dump my bike. Also, bike didn't come w/manual or tool kit. So anyway, I was emboldened to try my own oil changes [i know, I know, "whoopee" to most of you] and install my rad guards by the great tutorials here. When I got the oil filter out I noticed that it is missing the inner o-ring is missing. Does anyone have a part number or particular size I can ask for at the cycle shop? Also, I was going to take the tank off to familiarize myself as well as allow better acces to radiators, but I don't know where I should disconnect. I realize that the fuel system is not stock. Do I just pull the clamp and hose off any one of these? Finally, I crunched my fan and bent some of the fins on my radiator yesterday. Really nice considering that I've had the Unabiker guards sitting at home for 3 months or so. So when I picked the bike up I noticed a drop of something on the ground, but haven't noticed any leakage since. That drop literally could've been coolant, sweat, oil, gas... Should I just trust the rads are still OK since they seem to be? Also, now the fan won't turn. I understand it put there for city driving, of which I do practically NONE. Can I just disconnect and throw it out? MANY thanks! This site is amazing. I'm learning alot, both about the bike and how to ride it. :confused:
  7. dogcaller

    Having trouble in sand/gravel

    I bought the bike used and he said it was rejetted. I don't know if that means it has the stock carb or not. The hard part is that I haven't been able to find the dang handle-bars for the rear wheel!!??
  8. dogcaller

    Can't get it up...

    Do you mean to walk it up, or ride it up?
  9. UPDATE OK, please recall that I already suspected this to be a dumb question. I was certainly correct. Rotate the bite valve 90 degrees either way and it flows just fine. ...and now I've exposed myself to all of you nice people as a dunce! :smirk: Anyway, thanks much for the help! Now how do I get rid of that awful taste?? thanks again!!
  10. So I'm new at dirtbiking and my wife gets me my first ever "Camelback" type carrier. It's actually a Wenger model as you can see here. It has a "DoubleShot" bite valve, but I can't really get much water out of it. When I bite down on it, it squirts a little bit into my mouth, but I can't get any flow, regardless of how hard I try. I looked for the obvious ON/OFF valve, but found none. It squirts out just a bit like a baby bottle. What am I doing wrong? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  11. dogcaller

    Having trouble in sand/gravel

    What does this mean? I'm new at this, I ride a DRZ400S. thx!
  12. dogcaller

    (Probably) Simple handguard question

    Thanks drjack; but I was figuring to get a fat bar since I've read they are much tougher. That and I crash alot.
  13. dogcaller

    Technique for IMS Footpeg Install

    Don't mean to hijack, but--- is this considered to be "the" replacement foot peg? I didn't even realize I should think about replacing 'til I tried my friend's bike. It was alot more comfortable. Don't know what flavor his were. They were wider than mine for sure, and on a YZ426. This dirt-bike riding hobby is getting expensive!
  14. I'm still pretty new to this. Since I fall down alot I've realized that I need some of those metal handguards as I've already bent both clutch and brake levers. I have stock bars on my 02 DRZ 400S, but will eventually want to upgrade. Is there a set of guards that will work now AND down the road when I upgrade? I have read alot [by SEARCHing] but I'm unclear on this point. It seems to be that there are so many options I can't make a decision and "pull the trigger" on any of them! Thanks and GREAT forum!