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  1. bud1970

    Tusk Rotors

    The tusk rotors are just as good as the EBC rotars and half the price. Unless your R C you'll never know the difference.
  2. bud1970

    plastic clean up....

    Spend alot more time riding than polishing your plastic parts. Plus new plastic usually only cost $20 to $30 bucks
  3. bud1970

    Places to ride Utah

  4. bud1970

    Anyone Conquored the 5 Miles of Hell trail?

    5MOH is in southern Ut, San Rafael Swell, Ridin it several times alot of fun. White paint on the rocks indicates the trail. Reccommended for the advanced rider. Bring plenty of water! If you find it too tough there is a few escape routes. Once you've riden this trail you will always want to go back. By the way you don't need change the gearing on your WR for 5MOH, it's already geared perfect, what you need is the skill to make it through.
  5. bud1970

    Anybody have a Right Radiator for a wr450F???

    Don't buy a new radiator have myler fix it! I've used him twice in one week, you'll be pleased.
  6. bud1970

    %$#$!@#$ crap

    I have used him twice in one week before and alot of my friends have used him more than once. Like new!
  7. bud1970

    %$#$!@#$ crap

    Don't order new radiators. Get them fixed at Mylers. Ship him your radiator, he'll fix it in one day, and ship it back to you usually for about $35.plus shipping 1 800 367 7699 or motorcycleradiators.com
  8. bud1970

    Utah to NJ

    I am currently living in the motorcycle mecca of the world Utah! It looks like I'm going to be moving back east within the next year. I will be living in northern NJ, Mahwah. I need to know where to ride. Riding club or track memberships and locations. I'm usually riding single track mountain trails in UT, and Idaho in the summer. In the winter we ride very technical southern UT desert terrain. Please help me find the terrain or tracks I need to ride. NJ, PA, CT, NY, MASS, Ohio. I'm leaving a bike here in UT just to be able to come back and ride this unbeatable terrain.
  9. bud1970

    What is happening to Pritchett's Canyon?

    Chris, you think that's funny posting that picture. Under that ledge is where my head ended up.
  10. After looking at the weather, were thinkin tintic's gonna to be a mud bath. Our group is considering starting at the end of the pavement, past little sahara, and then heading out to the the single track from there. If it's really wet we'll ride the sand single track around the outside of all the dunes.
  11. Wow! I never thought we get this kind of response. Lets get an accurate count, my group is down to 3 people. We'll be there at 9:30 Bring your tear offs, looks like it could be a bit moist.
  12. We have a group of 4 guys going to Cherry Creek sat or sun, depending on the weather. Were going to meet at 9:30-10:00 at the tintic reserve wooden sign on the right side. I think its the second or third right after eureka. Head down the dirt road about 1/2 mile to a staging area.
  13. 10/22/05 American Fork single track was perfect, loomy soil, no dust, warm temps. Highly reccommend this ride before the snow arrives. We started in Midway just past the golf course about 3-5 miles there is a WSP parking lot with toilets and maps (not very good) I've been riding there alot lately, and still seem to get lost sometimes. We rode to the Sundance highway and back from 10:30 to 3:30. We had a guy visiting from the Tahoe Area and he said this was probably the best ride he'd ever been. Trail #'s 151,157,040,041,174,175 alot of this was the Great Western trail, but it's still confusing until you ride there alot. Utah rules!