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  1. Babyarmholdingapple

    This is why....

    Tony is such a bad ass.
  2. Babyarmholdingapple

    Tomac to MXGP?

    With all do respects for Hannah and his achievements I see his name mentioned 20 times to every mention of Lackey. He is listed on the AMA 250 National Champion list because he is just that a National Champ and the MXGP as he was World Champ when it was not our best and there best but simply the worlds best. One disappointment I have as a 40 year fan is my no recollection of seeing him even though I have.
  3. Babyarmholdingapple

    Tomac to MXGP?

    and what did Lackey get for it? He got left off every notation by an American fan of what and who our great MX riders were. Dude was a Stud and a American Hero and Nor Cal's best rider ever. Badass at the highest level and from what I hear a really decent guy to talk with.
  4. Babyarmholdingapple

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    Not at all but I respect your opinion, 40 years from now gas motors will all but gone and they had a nice 150 year run in history
  5. Babyarmholdingapple

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    I’m sure you great grandpa wanted nothing to do with engines and wanted a horse and buggy
  6. Babyarmholdingapple

    Bubbas Alive!

    I bet Chad has more but yes stinking rich and he would have done himself a little bit of a favor by walking away in 15
  7. Babyarmholdingapple

    Spoiler alert

    One dial and works great and comes in Husky blue with a mount in one nice package. Talk to Dan and shoot the shit for a while, that easy. https://www.gprstabilizer.com/products/gpr-v4d-dirt-bike-stabilizer-kits/
  8. Babyarmholdingapple

    Will Insurance Payout on the Asterisk Win?

    He does have a strong history of getting stomped on the last lap.
  9. Babyarmholdingapple

    Picked up a 2018 300tx, some questions on jetting and setup

    I run Yamalube R at 50:1 and its perfect.
  10. Babyarmholdingapple

    Picked up a 2018 300tx, some questions on jetting and setup

    When you put the JD kit on the bike place this as well. The bike will now run as you would expect it too.
  11. Babyarmholdingapple

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    When you are that fast one will argue in a few times a year. Championships are about consistency not speed and Marvin will win for being really good but not the man. Score it like F1
  12. Babyarmholdingapple

    Tomac to MXGP?

    This is a thread? Dude made a quick line answer. Is he really thinking about leaving Casa Tomac to ride the Thai GP---no way.
  13. Babyarmholdingapple

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    and this will make Mongo very happy
  14. Babyarmholdingapple

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    Then don’t take the bet, others will.
  15. Babyarmholdingapple

    Where did you ride?

    Well I liked the bike and way back something done right was phrased “Sano”