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  1. I leave it on two in the woods and wet,
  2. This is all a no brainer and someone did the foot work for us. Just buy 18 Tx - I did -. ebay the Mototassinari Vforce reeds as stated above for 130 bucks and a JD kit and place on bike. I just hit 29.9 hours and the bike is flawless. as opposed to my flawed Beta-sold.
  3. That’s how I see it, Adam may have a zac ticket in his pocket as well
  4. California

    cut a water bottle in half and leave it in the trash
  5. flattrack

    @Bricktop72 You could have used this bad boy in Kansas
  6. Only two other contenders really. Jimmy Ellis was a bad MF in his time. Some guy named Mike Bell, I for one will say JA is no Mike Bell.
  7. What’s with Marvin’s wife forehead anyways?
  8. El Homo most likely will be the weakest champion ever
  9. its a weak field in general, Marv and Tomac included. no mind blowing era's happening in the foreseeable future,
  10. I think Weston asked to speak with him in the tunnel once.
  11. and yes you managed to get a gay fecal thought process again.
  12. Ummm Marv is moving lateral to the flow of the track and at the apex of the turn he is technically moving backwards, Marv gets the win bit in less then a month is Hangtown and not like Eli will be looking for Marv but if opportunity knocks Marv will be parked. I see a pist Eli in the conference but far from meltdown, a meltdown will really rather look like a beatdown which I got a hundred on Eli
  13. supercross

    I could so pull that cat gear off, that's style right there.
  14. Outdoors is coming, things are changing.