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  1. motocross

    F yeah Bracia way to come out and Kill it.
  2. motocross

    Go down two post Go to next post Thats why go down to next post I think you smell weed because you are high
  3. California

    I was going to see if we could ride like the 30th or so buttttttttt I thought he was saying this is jeff
  4. California

    You are going to shoot your self?
  5. California

    I bought my wife a 38 a couple of months ago and asked about that, they said the two systems do not cross.
  6. california

    Sadly one gets hitched again That is when I laid down the rules on how it is. She comes home and sees two new tires she can ask " Did you buy that bitch shoes " Yes I did and I am not hiding them and now I am changing them and I am ridding all day Saturday.
  7. California

    bullshit!! I put my race gas/ gas / Klotz octane booster mix in your bike and it sounded way better
  8. Riddler joining you too?
  9. California

    Best thing you can do for a 2t, you like buying race gas? You will need it.
  10. Let’s drop a KTM 380 motor in that frame !!!!

  11. Ideally three times
  12. You call it, I have taken many visitors here and take them on the best ride I can. I say trust me, that works both ways
  13. I’ve had a 490 j 400 c and a MX 400 B. But it’s been a while