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  1. crfx250rider

    What cleaning products do you use?

    I us a 2 gallon pump sprayer with about two to four tablespoons of No-Toil cleaner mixed in. Wet the bike and get the big chunks off then spray. It works great without having to scrub anything.
  2. crfx250rider

    Applied Has clamps and DRD pipes

    None of the manufactures are making a spark arrested exhaust that meets 96dBA yet. I had an extra spark arrester screen from a Pro Circuit exhaust, to install you need to drill out the rivets and remove the end cap and muffler core (a pain to get apart!). Then you will need to Dremel off part of the pipe from the end cap that inserts into the muffler core (about 2-mm shorter than flush with the end of cap, or "about" 15 -17 mm total) . File smooth, insert spark arrestor screen (sue some high temp silicone on the screen only where it will touch the pipe if it is not a temporary solution). Also this did slightly reduce the noise output, no problem with power output, as I had no problem wheeling up the street using 1/2 throttle. And for anyone interested in my opinion of power for a play bike, if I can keep up with full size bikes with my son's KLX 125 L at the Prairie City practice track I will embarrass most on this bike.
  3. crfx250rider

    CRF150R Basics/Specs

    I heard a radio ad for this bike yesterday for the first time and went and bought the expert version after work. It is like riding mini version of my modified 250x. Not even broke in and with 1/3 throttle had the front tire hovering off the ground. Lots of torque and great response. My son had the best idea, three sets of plastic with each of our numbers to race it in the hare scrambles.