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  1. natha

    Leo Vince exhaust?

    Hello, I have got one, throttle response is great [as usual;-)], sounds great, looks sweet!
  2. natha

    Airoh vs TLD SE2

    Airoh is definetly the lightest one. 1000 grams, You can feel difference.
  3. Hello, I'm buying new helmet. Right now I have Shoei V Moto but planning to get Airoh Stelt or Troy Lee SE2. My questions are: #1 Have someone took TLD, Airoh, or Shoei VMoto to hand and compare weight feeling? I suppose Airoh wins but is TLD a least as light as Shoei? #2 Which one is the best ventilated? Thanks for clear anwsers! Natha
  4. natha

    Helmet Favorites - LightWeight

    Airoh Stelt weights 950 up to 1000 gramm. Amazing helmet! www.airoh.com
  5. natha

    CRF150R/CRF150RB is not for the wife or gf

    i think 150R is a perfect bike to buy and not change after two months. i was learning how to shift and makin my first rides at 85 mxer and everybody told me i choose wrong bike to learn ... before i bought it. i'm stubborn and done on my own and i'm very happy. The weight is not an issue, also touching the ground and kickstarting. The power is menagable and learn you to stay on the pipe. 4-stroke is even better grace to torque
  6. natha


    thanks everybody for very supporting comments, i'm happy for this but know i have very long way ahead me to be a real rider. Tomorrow i'll make some enduro - try to post new pics.
  7. Hi, I would like to thank you all who helped me with advices concerning to harsh suspension in my new husky tc250 (yeah i'm this complainin' little woman ) I changed front and rear spring and now it's sweet (i went 4.4 front from 4.8 and 4.6 rear from 5.0) Below the proof - my jumpin photos (not the best unfortunately) http://www.bikepics.com/members/natha/06tc250/ BTW - i found the method to kickstart my husky - always with hot start, and before shoul kickstart witk autodecompresion lever several times, after just push the resistance of piston and kick from the half very hard. It works but hovever i'll take magic button - complete kit costs 350 USD. Is it good price or i'll overpay?
  8. i don't get why you mockin at me instead of help to solve my problem nad support a quite rare thumpette in dirt bike world
  9. forget pampera i like mx riding, tryin' to pull wheelies and crossin the balance point so high that bike falls on me (broken fenders heh) i like ridin more then anything else and dont want a pampera only motocross! I like snappy, harsh throttle response, brute force, slippin rear wheel, loud pipes , jumpin and man style ridin so NO WAY for woman bikes i wish i was taller but i'd do everything to ride mx bike
  10. thanks for answers don't u know what are the spring ratios for cr 125? as mentioned for tc 250 is 4,8 N/mm front and 5 kg/mm rear
  11. Hello, i'm novice rider, woman, 115 lbs, 5'4, 31 inseam i just purchased brand new husku tc 250 2006 and it's so tall that i can't even reach the ground with one tip toe. Before i had yzf 250 and could kickstart it with no problem (mainly with rare exceptions when it was situated on hill with wrong side for my leg) New husky is much taller and stiffer though the spec say there are the same with yammie. So i have the question is the stiffness of front and rear spring in husky tc 250 and cr 125 is the same or cr 125 is softer and i cant replace my stock ones with them? I was looking for info what are the spring stiffness but ca't find so detailed data Please help me i wanna ride immediately and brake in my new bike :-) How i can soften it to fit me? thanks for reply and well worth 3 pennies sorry for my english - come from far Poland in Europe
  12. natha

    250F- Few questions.

    I'm a woman, and short 5'4 (31 inseam) and have yzf 250 2005, kicking this thing is easy with auto dec. and have no problem.
  13. natha

    Serious teenage girl problem...

    When i was 17 i had a bf who was 31 We were together 1 year and over half so quite long for my age in that time. When we met none of us know each others age we just fell in love and didn't broke up after "the secret" came out. Age is not a factor but the point if u round or not. were happy together and until now /i'm unfortunately 28/ have no regrets, contrary very glad that "adult" world with all aspects of relationships show me experienced and mature guy. Dad, friend, lover, responsible for him and me - he was all in one - perfect first bf with no disappointment
  14. thx for the answers, i have another question /it is blue on red forum / but mainly i mean about alu frames so honda is involved. Is it worth to wait a month for alu framed yzf 2006 and pay extra 1000 usd? My friend was riding on Sunday on his crf 450, not track but amateur race in the mountain,hardly no jumps, only up & downhills, rocks etc. After he was back noticed that his frame is brokem, he has a big hole in the frame and the rest of material are outside - it reminds a flower i can say. he'll try to fix it but i hear after the aluminium is welded always crashes near the weld. So what kind of frame material is more reliable?
  15. I've done the on polish market reasearch and found one crf 2004 but this one had valves problems /the are quite rare as used here/. My buddy work in the honda dealer as a machanic, so i can have it repaired cheap /i mean cheaper than normal /. I looked in this forum and couldn't found the input is the valves issues are unrepaireabled? Is it like this: u have crf with valves issues or without and in case "with" you gonna never have it fixed? If concrete crf have valve issues thats mean this problem will apear permanently? If i buy it, i will always have problems with valves with this stuff? Please, answer me asap i know it's rude to hurry sb up but i have to make my decision in couple of hours /have also choice for yzf 2005, i know it's very reliable bike but knowing myself i'm dig on aluminim framed 2006 and don't really want to have the last year with crappy steal frame/. Today i borrowed my buddy crfX /i want R version/ and in spite of enduro bike heavy feeling the thing handles the way better than the yzf, so the handling of R version must be amazing. Please tell me if i go for it