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  1. In Bakersfield California ther is a indoor karting center that is 50cc (or up to 125cc in 50's frame) friendly. The name of it is Bakersfield karting. Its just open practice but still a place to go. The owner is all for it and is pushing it real good.
  2. call SDG they make basicaly the best aftermarket seat for a crf. I would just tell them what you want and most times they do it no problem.
  3. I can tell Superduper has never rode a Natoinal moto at 100% . Its pretty hard to do even after years and years of busting 1000"s of 30 min moto out practicing its insane. I think what seperates it from the rest is its an ongoing event no brakes, no stopping and, no resting what so ever. Its like a 100 yard dash foot race but for a 40 min time period.And if you do rest your probablly not making much of a living doing it.