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  1. Rocky720

    Tough Start Question

    Thanks for all the help guys.. boy I use to think I would never miss a 2-stroke.. I guess this is the only thing I miss about one, they are alot easier to diagnose. The compression actually checked at about 65 psi cold, and 150 hot. I re-checked the valve clearance, and the left intake was tight. so I am gonna re-shim both intake valves to about .005 clearance.
  2. Rocky720

    Tough Start Question

    I have done all you have suggested, except compression check, and i just got the right fitting today, so that is gonna be tonights test. what about the auto decompresion lever on the cam? do you know anything about that? the plug looked good, the spark was good. and even if there was carbon build up on valve seet wouldnt I loose power? thanks for the advice!
  3. Rocky720

    Tough Start Question

    I have a 05 kx250f. runs great, pc ti-4 exhaust is all that is modified. maybe 150 hrs. intermediate rider. this is my first 4 stroke. All of a sudden out of no where, the thing will not kick start, and seems to have little compression. you can bump start it fine, and it runs great, just like usual. any one else have this problem, or have possible solution?